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Crossover does not install on my Ubuntu 14.04 and I cannot file a ticket ("haven't purchased software")
Of course, I have purchased this software some 7 times, but, I guess, because my system does not yet show an installed registered version, codeweavers doesn't see me.  Does that sound right?

Anyhow, I recently did a re-install of Ubuntu 14.04.  Now, I'm trying to re-install Crossover.  I download the package described as for Ubuntu 12.04 and later.  Try to install using Ubuntu's software manager (or whatever it's called).

Click install, after a bit, the authentication screen comes up, I type in my password, click authenticate.

The install appears to proceed.  When the orange bar completes its rightward travel, the word install re-appears.  In should say something like uninstall or remove or whatever.

In any event, if I search for Crossover in the dash, it is not there.  Generally, that search produces the Crossover icon that I can click to start the application.

So, I need advice.  What am I doing wrong.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

JCalloway (PS: I did run the bid of code for i386 and apt-update as suggested before proceeding with the installation)
Have you tried logging off and that logging back in?

Last time I investigated this problem for my peace of mind I arrived to the conclusion that most DEs don't fully respect the specs at
Can you clarify as to where you got the 'package described as for Ubuntu 12.04, and later?.
- from the Ubuntu Software Center
- from the Codeweavers site,  itself?.

Pierre Posted:
Can you clarify as to where you got the 'package described as for Ubuntu 12.04, and later?.
- from the Ubuntu Software Center
- from the Codeweavers site,  itself?.

My apologies, I downloaded the package for Ubuntu 12.10 and later from this site:

Any thoughts on what is going wrong?

Thanks for the replies.

The .deb package for CrossOver won't show as installed in the Ubuntu Software Center even if it is*. I don't know the reason for this. It happened with some deb files I created myself too. That's not a problem. When querying from the command line it will show up
silviu@trusty:~$ apt-cache policy crossover
  Installed: 14.0.3-1
  Candidate: 14.0.3-1
  Version table:
 *** 14.0.3-1 0
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

Did CrossOver show up after logging off and the back in? If the above query came out with no results than the package is not installed. You can do

sudo dpkg --install name_of_package.deb

[*]There's even a bug report about this problem:
(I just suggested the crossover package as a test case)
There appears to be an issues with the new LTS Hardware Enablement Stack in Ubuntu 14.04.2

I updated from 14.04.1 to 14.04.2 then ran the command to update the stack bringing in the new kernel. This killed crossover due to conflicting dpendancies and all of the required i386 packages used by crossover were marked from removal.

Installing 14.04.2 from scratch automatically uses the new stack, so fresh installs will have this problem.

I don't know how to fix this, but if you can install Ubuntu from the 14.04.1 media and then update to 14.04.2 without installing the new stack and you should be fine.
What command did you use?
It sounds like the existing CrossOver .deb package won't work for this situation where you install a newer kernel / X stack over an existing LTS install.  I'm not certain, but maybe it is possible to get our .bin installer working in this situation - it is also available for download via
New updates came out today including a kernel and now most of the dependencies are fixed. I think this problem is getting fixed upstream.

I have managed to get crossover working again on my machine running 14.04.2 with the new stack.
What steps did you take to get it working?
Thank you guys for this thread.  I, too, was in the endless loop of the Debian installer.

Yet, it WAS installed, which I never would have known if I had not typed this into a terminal:  " apt-cache policy crossover "

And it works fine.  Nice product!  I will almost certainly buy it after I give it a thorough trial with Quicken 2015.


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