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Must use CLI to install CrossOver_14.1.1-1.deb in Kubuntu 14.04
Trent Tschirgi
Trent Tschirgi
Posted 2015-05-06 00:03
The Kubuntu 14.04 package installer QApt does not seem to install CrossOver, but it's possible to install it from CLI.

Error Message

After downloading, Kubuntu attempts to install CrossOver using QApt.

I get an error message;
"Error: Cannot satisfy dependencies".

I was able to use directions provided by Lars Frantzen for installing Crossover to Kubuntu 13 (see link):  Thanks Lars!!

Lars assumes I am installing CrossOver to a 64-bit system, so it may not be strictly necessary to install ia32-libs to my system.
I am unsure if I needed to install Synaptic Pkg Manager.

Steps I used:

1) Install Synaptic Package Manager using the Kubuntu Muon Package Manager.
2) Using Synaptic, install ia32-libs.
                  In Konsole (the Kubuntu CLI), I started Synaptic with 'sudo Synaptic'--Otherwise, packages do not install.
                  I searched for ia32-libs, and installed what came up.
3)In Konsole, I installed CrossOver.
                  cd Downloads
                  sudo dpkg -i crossover_14.1.1-1.deb
                 Comments:  cd to change directory to Downloads
                                        ls to list contents- have to be sure crossover is there
                                        sudo dpkg -i   -- installs the crossover package.

4) Search for any missing packages
                sudo apt-get -f install

Note:  I was also unable to file a ticket today.
Caron Wills
Caron Wills
Posted 2015-05-06 12:48
That's not really all that surprising. While we have not revisited our page about Kubuntu 14.04 since we've updated CrossOver, the instructions should still apply.

It's available here:

For what it's worth, you can always file a support ticket by using our contact form:

Were you able to get CrossOver up and running?

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