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Office (2010) use on SMB version 2 shares

I keep running into an issue that i cannot seem to resolve;

I have Crossover 16.2 on my Xubuntu 16.10 (but had the issue as well on Crossover 15.x) with Office 2010 installed through the crossover script. This works great. I can use outlook, excel without many issues (sometimes a graphics issue, but resizing the office window seems to fix that).

Since about a month i have a new NAS and i have set up a cifs share (since my wife uses Windows). I can mount and use the share as both SMB1 and SMB2. I had the intention to eventually disable SMB1 since it is security wise rather bad.

So i started testing with mounting the share as vers=2.0 in fstab:
//nas.home/share$ /home/user/WindowsShare/ cifs noperm,rwpidforward,nocase,soft,vers=2.0,rw,credentials=/root/cifs.pwd,uid=1000,gid=1000,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 0 0

This mounts just fine and with Libreoffice and other linux programs i can do everything i want on the mounted share...

BUT, with crossover office (or any other crossover bottles) i can open files. I can save NEW files, but i cannot save an existing file. I keep getting a sharing violation.

Now if i mount with vers=1.0 i can do everything.

Am i doing it wrong (no surprise), is this an issue with SMB implementation in linux or is this a problem with any wine based software?

And the question i doubt has an answer, can i fix this?

I dont own office, but does this occur literally in all bottles? As in, if I were to spend the time to configure Samba on my NFS fileshare to do exactly what you have, will (Open/Libre)Office be broken in that way too? If so I may be able to screw around and see if there is a fix.

I liked your phrasing, it made me wonder if a empty windows 7 bottle had the same issue. So i made one, used wordpad (pretty much only app in it i guess?!) and it did NOT have the same symptoms, which means it is specifically office related.
And i don't know if libreoffice for windows in a bottle would have the same issue. Worth trying i guess, will give it a run today.

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