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Does not 1 - 2 click install...
Does not download all the dependencies and libraries it needs...
Does not locate and install the WinCrap software that I was forced to download ....
Is NOT easier than WINE......
You WILL waste an entire evening being as stupid as I was.....
THEN YOU will have to PAY $60 for this SHIT......!!!!
GO rot in HELL....!!!!

Instead of being awkwardly angry, I would suggest you open a support ticket. I would also suggest you try NOT being all "piss and vinegar" if you do. They folks at Codeweaver will do their best for you, I'm sure of it.

You're not satisfied, that's ok, but there have been many that are satisfied, for years now. I have no idea how Crossover got you this angry.

did you expect a magic wand?

do you have any experience in software development?

If you don't believe in fairy tales and magic wands then you might expect developers to have one.

It might surprise - they don't

RTFM and realize Crossover hasn't promised you anything and they give 14 days to experiment and try out so don't blame Crossover if your are bying before trying.

I always receive mail from you, which do not concern me at all.
You wrote me, in autumn will be a new release of Crossover.
My crossover subscription runs until January or February 2018. Is the new crossover for me then free of charge?


Hi not all Windows software is supported by crossover. Crossover is not a complete replacement for the Windows OS. Those of us who still need to run software off of Windows either dual boot or run a virtual machine. Both Mac and Linux have open source alternatives to major projects like quicken, Photoshop and etc. Please be mindful of the community because they will try to help whenever possible or find an alternative solution.

Hubert Dixius wrote:

My crossover subscription runs until January or February 2018. Is
the new crossover for me then free of charge?

I'm not sure why you posted here, on this angry guy's thread, but the answer is yes, you get all versions until your subscription ends. When your subscription ends, you keep the right to use the latest version you had prior to expiration of your subscription.

By the way, at this point, we're all users of Crossover, no staff has yet to write on this thread. I'm sure of my answer though.

Wine is better? Doesn't this guy know that most of "the wine guys" are employee's at Codeweavers. He should move back to wine if he can't use crossover.

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