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Joystick found in wine control but not in game


I use a XBox360 controller. It is found in Crosspver but not in the game. I play a Unity Game and for the joystick input rewired is used. Has anybody an idea where to start?

I am a newbie with crossover..

Thanks in advance,

PS: I use a Win7 64-bit bottle

I'm beginning to investigate this issue in regards to using a PS3 controller and as of yet not uncovered anything definitive.

There is a driver named xboxdrv, but for my Mageia 6 Linux, it causes the entire system to slow down.
xboxdrv homepage

There are also other software that can be used to manipulate game controllers.

Dear Hoyt,

Thank you very much for your answer. I installed xboxdrv, but also with this, joystick doesn't work in game. I tested XInputPlus, too. But also without success. Even in XInpitPlus joystick isn't detected. The problem seems to be XInput. I think the only possible solution would be koku-xinput-wine or something else (xbox360ce doesn't work, too). Unfortunately koku needs gcc-cpp ver 6.x, but I only have 5.x (see There is a patch for wine, too (see for example But I don't know, how I can patch the crossover wine version. I think, this isn't possible, isn't it?

If you make some progress, please let me know..

Thanks in advance,

The current Linux kernel should work with game pads (producing "events") without xboxdrv, but YMMV.

One of the Linux keymappers should work to translate pad events to keypresses. The keypresses mapped should be the same as the keyboard keys in-game.

Dear Hoyt,

Thank you very much for your help. I could it fix with the following solution:

First xbox360ce doesn't work, because I saved the xbox360ce.exe in the bottle of the game and tried to start it through another 32-bit bottle (so it wasn't found)...

I tried that, but needed more to get it to work. I'm using a PS3 controller, which is supported by the app.

I needed to install the game in a Win7 bottle for .Net Framework 4.0 to work. The game, Unreal Gold, is the GOG version, so it runs without issue.

I also installed .Net Framework 4.0 (4.5 is not supported) and Visual C++ 2010 in addition to Visual C++ 2012 as well as DirectX for Modern Games. This is all per this tutorial.

The actual DLL that does the translation from DirectInput to Xinput can have any one of four names (they are all the same file).

The file Dinput8.dll is a DirectInput 8 wrapper to improve x360ce compatibility in rare cases, so only use it if instructed to!

I just made copies with all 4 names and cpied them into the game folder.

The file x360ce.exe will run a configuration GUI, saving the configuration in x360ce.ini. For now, it claims to not be able to open or edit x360ce.ini. I'll work on fixing that. It might be that x360ce.exe is looking in the wrong place.

An active forum concerning x360ce is at x360ce Forum

There is a Game Compatibility List, but none of my preferred games are listed. After reading the documents, it does it seem possible to map PS3 buttons to keypresses, but x360ce only allows games which already support a controller to use one. 8(

I have details about my implementation of x360ce in my Linux blog.

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