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Native Source games on Mac and Linux
Sup guys,

I was going to write a ticket about this, but then I took an arrow to the knee. LOL, haven't seen this one in a while eh? Nah, I just thought I might post my question here, because I bet someone will have the answer for it and I don't want to waste the time of official support for this kind of stuff. I've been abusing it for the smallest issues and questions already. 😈

My question: Now that Valve has officially released native Mac and Linux clients of a bunch of their Source games, will Codeweavers continue to work on and support these titles via Crossover and their support system? If yes is the answer; why? I mean, those games are still listed as "officially supported" by Crossover and part of Crossover 13. Wouldn't it be wiser to drop that support and reallocate the free workforce to other things?

There's value in making sure that changes you make to Wine do not cause regressions with various titles / engines. I do however share your feelings that there are other titles there in need of more love than the ones that have already been ported.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Vote here for Origin support :)
There might still be good reason for those games to be supported, if they are at the core of other games that aren't ported. Or if they are using standard APIs that many other games rely on, and they help maintain Crossover in working order.

Otherwise, I too would think ported games won't be much of a priority in the future.
Supporting those titles doesn't cost us much. I don't think I've spent a single minute hunting a Source-engine specific bug last year.

I do use HL2 in my automated nightly performance tests. That's because it's still a relevant game, and somewhat scriptable.
Sup guys,

ah Mr. Dösinger, how nice of you to reply. I have seen some Youtube videos of a few presentations you held. Very interesting, even though I wasn't capable of understanding all of it. So, in other words, dropping support for those titles wouldn't benefit any other games, apps or projects you guys are working on right now?

@all: Thanks for providing some insight on this subject you guys. The only reason that came to my mind for still supporting those games were mods and other interesting tweaks that aren't available for the Linux and Mac version. Actually, that's a pretty good reason after all. Hm...

Alexander Tornow Posted:

So, in other words, dropping support for those titles wouldn't benefit any other games, apps or projects you guys are working on right now?

Precisely. If an old supported application becomes a burden we sometimes drop them. For example Internet Explorer 6 and Microsoft Office 97.
Hello Mr. Dösinger,

I see, thanks for the input! The info you guys provided answers my question.


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