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Hi, I have a question about software with crossover?
Hi, I installed a program and it wont let me open it. It says (No imaging component suitable to complete this operation was found.) What dose that mean. Do I need to install something ealse. I did use windows xp chould I change that. Is there a way to add a graphics card to crossover. thanks

Andrea Dixon
If you could give us some more information like, what program did you install, was there any errors when you installed it, or anything like that. It'll help us diagnose exactly whats happening. Every program is different and some take a little work to get running.
Hi, thanks for the replay, the program is Visual Basic Express 2010 It installed and everything ok with out errors, and then when I go and try to open it, It comes up saying (No imaging component suitable to complete this operation was found.) Im gessing its because I do not have a video card in crossover. Im not sure though. Thanks

Andrea Dixon
After looking around online, it looks like this program isn't working properly in wine. I wasn't able to find any work arounds either. Maybe someone with more knowledge on the subject can help.
Ok thank you so much, Should I post on and ask around at the wine website.

Andrea Dixon
I believe the better option is to run this thing in a virtual machine. I've managed to install it but I just get the splash screen and that's all...
Honestly, you can certainly ask. The thing is rated as "garbage" on winehq, so just don't count on a quick solution, as there probably won't be one. VB itself isn't supported under Linux, so I wouldn't see how an IDE for it would be of any use. As Silviu has suggested, this seems like a virtual machine situation, and would probably be a better use of your time.
Ok thanks for all your help everyone.

Andrea Dixon
Yeah, you want to use Windows for Visual Basic development. CrossOver does not always behave 100% the way Windows does, and if you develop an application on it it is pretty likely that you won't notice some bugs in your code.

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