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Crossover and supporting the devolopment of <insert software name>

my question is that does codeweavers company accept payment from people who are not the copyright owner of <insert software name> to pay them to make it work with with crossover

if you do do you also do estimates on cost for you to work on making <insert software name> with with crossover

"If you made (Application Name) work, CodeWeavers would sell (Big Number) copies of CrossOver!"

"Sadly, no. We've learned through experience that there are no "Killer Applications" out there whose support will help us sell a bazillion extra units of CrossOver. We really wish there were, but so far it's never happened. That's not to say we won't give discounts on development work if we have a large sales opportunity sitting in front of us. But in general, we are a "coin-operated" company: if you need an application to work, you'll need to cover our development costs and profit margin."

"Are there any Windows applications that you can't get working under CrossOver?"

We can probably get any Windows application to work. We managed to get Microsoft Office to run, so odds are pretty good that we can get your application running too. The only question is how much time and money it will take.

Yes, we have had contracts to work on software for companies/people who do not own the copyright on that software, and we will do estimates first. In order to do estimates, we will need a list of specific bugs to investigate, which may also mean we have to do some work first to get the software in a state where it can be tested. We generally break the estimates down by specific bugs.

Working directly with the developers of a piece of software can make things easier, because they can provide technical details, and in some cases it's easier for them to modify the software to make it work in CrossOver than it is to fix CrossOver. It can also be harder to integrate fixes into CrossOver than to do a port, because we have to be reasonably certain the fix won't break other programs.

We usually try to integrate fixes into Wine, because differences between CrossOver and Wine create an added maintenance cost for us, and we benefit from broader testing and review from the Wine community.

If you want to discuss specifics, please contact

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