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Programs installed via Steam go to black screen

Hi there, recently installed the CrossOver for Android beta. I didn't see a specific subforum for Android so I'm posting here.

I have the Dell Chromebook 13. I've installed Steam, along with Rocket League and Rollercoaster Tycoon 3. Both will go straight to a black screen after launching. I've searched a bit on these forums and google but I don't see any common threads with this issue, especially Android specific.

Thanks for any help or pointing me in the right direction.

Are you using an external video monitor?

I am not.

Well, I use to have this problem with some programs, because I use an external monitor. The solution was to run Wine Configuration from CrossOver's Control Panel, "Graphics" tab, and emulate a virtual desktop. Maybe this could help in your case... Good luck!

That didn't have any effect but thanks for the reply.

I've also tried Counter Strike Source and Super Meat Boy. I was able to log in to CSS, but it crashes and loops immediately after joining a server. This seems like a video card / driver issue.

Having the same issue on my R11. I have not yet been able to successfully launch even one Steam game. I have only tried very old/not very resource-heavy ones. On most, I get a black screen. Some just don't do anything at all.

Other Windows applications outside Steam have been working fine.

Any help would be appreciated!

Did you choose the Steam prefix when you installed it? Which is your video card?

Silvio M Kozasa wrote:

Did you choose the Steam prefix when you installed it? Which is
your video card?

I installed CrossOver for Android, and the first prompt to appear is "Application to Install." Steam is selected automatically, and the drop down menu contains Microsoft Office 2007, WinZip 14.0, and Microsoft Office 2010. I clicked install Steam, and a few Win98-themed prompts appeared for fonts and XML parser. Steam setup then appeared, and I installed to the default location of C:\Program Files\Steam. On first run, the Steam client updated ~136,248KB. I tried to log in the first time but it was stuck at Connecting Steam account, so I quit and relaunched. I then logged in successfully, and downloaded the games. I did not use any Launch prefixes on Steam games at first, although I did try -widowed with no success.

I have the Intel i3-5005u, which has the Intel HD 5500 integrated chip.

Oh, sorry, NOW I saw the "Android" in your first post. Well... Crossover Android is still a Preview version... I don't have Crossover Android and may not be able to help, but anyway, this used to be a problem with Crossover Linux (and I believe with Mac, too...) some time ago. Everytime I install a game, first, I search for the game prefix and use it if I can find one. If not, I use the Steam prefix and it is common that the game will work. Please look for a prefix for your game or try the Steam previx and install it again. Good luck!

Thanks for all of the replies Silvio. I looking into searching for Prefixes and nearly everything is for Linux or Mac, and ridiculously complicated to boot. I will hold out now until there is more documented Crossover for Android support. Will have to dual boot ChromeOS/Linux for now.

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