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Help with comskip, a windows standalone .exe that uses the command line

I am trying to use comskip, and I created a new windows XP bottle and named it - comskip. I have taken the container and moved into a newly created folder named "comskip". This newly created folder is located in my "~/.cxoffice/comskip/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/comskip". So, I unpack or unzip the container file in my new directory located in my newly created bottle. The files that come out are standalone windows .exe programs, a comskip.ini, comskip.txt, PostProcessing.bat, some html files, and the readme.txt.

My issue is... When I try to use my crossover run command and browse to my standalone windows .exe programs and select 'run'; it looks like MSDOS flashes open and then closes right away. I'm faily certain that this program uses command line tools to work, but there is a standalone windows .exe program with a GUI interface, it too doesn't open. I would like to know how to keep the windows command line open when I run these programs, thank you.

You can type "cmd" as the command in the "Run Command" dialog to get a windows-style command prompt window.

If you prefer to start a program from the Linux command prompt instead of the CrossOver GUI, you can also use a command like:
/opt/cxoffice/bin/wine --bottle comskip 'c:\program files\comskip\whatever.exe'

Another trick that has helped me before is to right-click on the shortcut created in the desktop by Crossover, choose properties, then application (this works with KDE, at least) and copy the command to a Linux terminal and see what is happening.

You can also open Crossover and find the program bottle, then the proper icon (if you have an icon in your case...), right-click it and choose "Run with Options". Check the "Create logfile" box and click the Run button. You will be asked for the folder in which the log file will be created. The log file may have some useful information.

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