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Sound Armored Fist 3

I have experienced the quite a lot lately, with sound in games.I can load the same game in wine or Playonlinux and if I get it to work I have to change the sound to Alsa due to it not working with the pulse driver. I am using Pulseaudio.

It just seems odd that once I change the bottle to use alsa it plays sound. I have had to do this with Skyrim and a few others. My issue is in Crossover this is not as simple.

Why not? Also does anyone have a way for me to do this for the bottle? In wine config all i get is the pulse driver no other. Also this is only in Crossover in wine using Q4 I can change it in the wine config.

Again why not?

Can you tell the frustration here. I got a game to load and run that has taken a while since it is the original retail CD.

I ran it with debug here is a snippet:

Running command: "C:\users\Public\Start Menu\Programs\NovaLogic\Armored Fist 3\Armored Fist 3.lnk"
Bottle: AF3
Debug channels: +tid,+mmdevapi,+winmm,+driver,+msacm,+midi,+dsound,+dsound3d,+xaudio2,+xapofx,+dmusic,+mci,+pulse,+oss,+alsa,+coreaudio,+timestamp

CrossOver Linux 15.2.0
Install location: /opt/cxoffice
64-bit OS
Desktop session: mate
Window manager: Metacity (Marco)
Locale: en_US.utf8

Contents of /etc/os-release:
NAME="openSUSE Leap"
PRETTY_NAME="openSUSE Leap 42.1 (x86_64)"

cxdiag output:
"Title"="Missing 32bit library"
"Description"="Needed by some Windows applications to play MP3 files."


"opengl.vendor"="NVIDIA Corporation"

"opengl.version"="4.5.0 NVIDIA 367.57"

"opengl.renderer"="GeForce GTX 970/PCIe/SSE2"

"opengl.glsl_version"="4.50 NVIDIA"

** Mon Nov 14 20:08:22 2016
Starting '/opt/cxoffice/bin/wineloader' 'winewrapper.exe' '--new-console' '--workdir' 'C:\users\Public\Start Menu\Programs\NovaLogic\Armored Fist 3' '--start' '--'
'C:\users\Public\Start Menu\Programs\NovaLogic\Armored Fist 3\Armored Fist 3.lnk'

***** Mon Nov 14 20:08:22 2016
Starting: '/opt/cxoffice/bin/cxstart' '--bottle' 'AF3' '--new-console' '--debugmsg' '+tid,+mmdevapi,+winmm,+driver,+msacm,+midi,+dsound,+dsound3d,+xaudio2,+xapofx,+dmusic,+mci,+pulse,+oss,+alsa,+coreaudio,+timestamp' '--workdir' 'C:\users\Public\Start Menu\Programs\NovaLogic\Armored Fist 3' '--' 'C:\users\Public\Start Menu\Programs\NovaLogic\Armored Fist 3\Armored Fist 3.lnk'

Product version=
12209: Grabbing the '/tmp/.wine-1000/bottle-821-6e96028.lock' lock
12209: Got the '/tmp/.wine-1000/bottle-821-6e96028.lock' lock
Mode = 'private'
CX_ROOT = "/opt/cxoffice"
WINEPREFIX = "/home/dtruesdale/2TB/.cxoffice/AF3"
CX_WINDOWS_VERSION = <undefined>
PATH = "/opt/cxoffice/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/bin/X11:/usr/games:/usr/sbin"
LD_LIBRARY_PATH = "/opt/cxoffice/lib"
WINEDLLPATH = "/opt/cxoffice/lib/wine"
LD_PRELOAD = <undefined>
LD_ASSUME_KERNEL = <undefined>
WINELOADER = "/opt/cxoffice/bin/wineloader"
WINESERVER = "/opt/cxoffice/bin/wineserver"
WINEDEBUG = "+tid,+mmdevapi,+winmm,+driver,+msacm,+midi,+dsound,+dsound3d,+xaudio2,+xapofx,+dmusic,+mci,+pulse,+oss,+alsa,+coreaudio,+timestamp"
CX_LOG = "-"
CX_DEBUGMSG = "+tid,+mmdevapi,+winmm,+driver,+msacm,+midi,+dsound,+dsound3d,+xaudio2,+xapofx,+dmusic,+mci,+pulse,+oss,+alsa,+coreaudio,+timestamp"
CX_WINE_USAGE_LOGFILE = "/home/dtruesdale/.cxoffice/usage.log"
DISPLAY = ":0.0"
12209: Releasing the '/tmp/.wine-1000/bottle-821-6e96028.lock' lock
/opt/cxoffice/bin/wineloader winewrapper.exe --new-console --workdir C:\users\Public\Start Menu\Programs\NovaLogic\Armored Fist 3 --start -- C:\users\Public\Start Menu\Programs\NovaLogic\Armored Fist 3\Armored Fist 3.lnk
2512459.340:0009:fixme:exec:SHELL_execute flags ignored: 0x00000100
2512459.341:0009:fixme:exec:SHELL_execute flags ignored: 0x00004100
2512459.577:0025:trace:winmm:DllMain 0x7e350000 0x1 0x1
2512459.581:0025:trace:dsound:DllMain (0x7df00000 1 0x1)
2512459.770:0025:trace:winmm:mixerGetDevCapsA (0, 0x33fc18, 48)
2512459.770:0025:trace:winmm:mixerGetDevCapsW (0, 0x33faf0, 80)
2512459.772:0025:trace:mmdevapi:DllMain (0x0x7d310000, 1, (nil))
2512459.772:0025:trace:mmdevapi:DllGetClassObject ({bcde0395-e52f-467c-8e3d-c4579291692e}, {00000001-0000-0000-c000-000000000046}, 0x33f8fc)
2512459.772:0025:trace:mmdevapi:init_driver Loading driver list L"pulse,alsa,oss,coreaudio,android"
2512459.772:0025:trace:mmdevapi:load_driver Attempting to load L"winepulse.drv"
2512459.775:0025:trace:pulse:pulse_test_connect Name: AF3.EXE
2512459.776:0025:trace:pulse:pulse_test_connect libpulse protocol version: 30. API Version 12
2512459.776:0025:trace:pulse:pulse_contextcallback State change to 1
2512459.776:0025:trace:pulse:pulse_contextcallback State change to 2
2512459.778:0025:trace:pulse:pulse_contextcallback State change to 3
2512459.779:0025:trace:pulse:pulse_contextcallback Ready
2512459.779:0025:trace:pulse:pulse_test_connect Test-connected to server /run/user/1000/pulse/native with protocol version: 30.
2512459.779:0025:trace:pulse:pulse_stream_state Stream state changed to 1
2512459.781:0025:trace:pulse:pulse_stream_state Stream state changed to 2
2512459.782:0025:trace:pulse:pulse_stream_state Stream state changed to 4
2512459.782:0025:trace:pulse:pulse_stream_state Stream state changed to 1
2512459.785:0025:trace:pulse:pulse_stream_state Stream state changed to 2
2512459.785:0025:trace:pulse:pulse_stream_state Stream state changed to 4
2512459.786:0025:trace:mmdevapi:load_driver Successfully loaded L"winepulse.drv" with priority Preferred
2512459.786:0025:trace:mmdevapi:init_driver Selecting driver L"pulse" with priority Preferred
2512459.786:0025:trace:mmdevapi:load_driver Attempting to load L"winealsa.drv"
2512459.788:0025:trace:mmdevapi:load_driver Successfully loaded L"winealsa.drv" with priority Neutral
2512459.788:0025:trace:mmdevapi:load_driver Attempting to load L"wineoss.drv"
2512459.788:0025:trace:oss:AUDDRV_GetPriority Priority_Unavailable: open failed
2512459.788:0025:trace:mmdevapi:load_driver Successfully loaded L"wineoss.drv" with priority Unavailable
2512459.789:0025:trace:mmdevapi:load_driver Attempting to load L"winecoreaudio.drv"
2512459.790:0025:trace:mmdevapi:load_driver Unable to load L"winecoreaudio.drv": 126
2512459.790:0025:trace:mmdevapi:init_driver Failed to load driver L"coreaudio"
2512459.790:0025:trace:mmdevapi:load_driver Attempting to load L"wineandroid.drv"
2512459.792:0025:trace:mmdevapi:load_driver Unable to load L"wineandroid.drv": 126
2512459.792:0025:trace:mmdevapi:init_driver Failed to load driver L"android"
2512459.792:0025:trace:mmdevapi:MMCF_CreateInstance (0x7d32cc54, (nil), {a95664d2-9614-4f35-a746-de8db63617e6}, 0x33f8f8)
2512459.792:0025:trace:mmdevapi:MMDevice_SetPropValue Writing L"{A45C254E-DF1C-4EFD-8020-67D146A850E0},14" returned 0
2512459.792:0025:trace:mmdevapi:MMDevice_SetPropValue Writing L"{A45C254E-DF1C-4EFD-8020-67D146A850E0},2" returned 0
2512459.792:0025:trace:mmdevapi:MMDevice_SetPropValue Writing L"{233164C8-1B2C-4C7D-BC68-B671687A2567},1" returned 0
2512459.792:0025:trace:pulse:AUDDRV_GetPropValue {25da76d0-033c-4235-9002-19f48894ac6f}, ({b3f8fa53-0004-438e-9003-51a46e139bfc},2), 0x33f6b0
2512459.792:0025:trace:pulse:AUDDRV_GetPropValue {25da76d0-033c-4235-9002-19f48894ac6f}, ({1da5d803-d492-4edd-8c23-e0c0ffee7f0e},0), 0x33f6b0
2512459.793:0025:trace:mmdevapi:MMDevice_SetPropValue Writing L"{1DA5D803-D492-4EDD-8C23-E0C0FFEE7F0E},0" returned 0
2512459.793:0025:trace:mmdevapi:MMDevice_SetPropValue Writing L"{A45C254E-DF1C-4EFD-8020-67D146A850E0},14" returned 0
2512459.793:0025:trace:mmdevapi:MMDevice_SetPropValue Writing L"{A45C254E-DF1C-4EFD-8020-67D146A850E0},2" returned 0
2512459.793:0025:trace:mmdevapi:MMDevice_SetPropValue Writing L"{233164C8-1B2C-4C7D-BC68-B671687A2567},1" returned 0
2512459.793:0025:trace:pulse:AUDDRV_GetPropValue {fd47d9cc-4218-4135-9ce2-0c195c87405b}, ({b3f8fa53-0004-438e-9003-51a46e139bfc},2), 0x33f6b0
2512459.793:0025:trace:pulse:AUDDRV_GetPropValue {fd47d9cc-4218-4135-9ce2-0c195c87405b}, ({1da5d803-d492-4edd-8c23-e0c0ffee7f0e},0), 0x33f6b0
2512459.793:0025:trace:mmdevapi:MMDevice_SetPropValue Writing L"{1DA5D803-D492-4EDD-8C23-E0C0FFEE7F0E},0" returned 0
2512459.793:0025:trace:pulse:AUDDRV_GetEndpointIDs 0 0x33f778 0x33f780 0x33f784
2512459.794:0025:trace:mmdevapi:MMDevice_SetPropValue Writing L"{A45C254E-DF1C-4EFD-8020-67D146A850E0},14" returned 0
2512459.794:0025:trace:mmdevapi:MMDevice_SetPropValue Writing L"{A45C254E-DF1C-4EFD-8020-67D146A850E0},2" returned 0
2512459.794:0025:trace:mmdevapi:MMDevice_SetPropValue Writing L"{233164C8-1B2C-4C7D-BC68-B671687A2567},1" returned 0
2512459.794:0025:trace:pulse:AUDDRV_GetPropValue {fd47d9cc-4218-4135-9ce2-0c195c87405b}, ({b3f8fa53-0004-438e-9003-51a46e139bfc},2), 0x33f640
2512459.794:0025:trace:pulse:AUDDRV_GetPropValue {fd47d9cc-4218-4135-9ce2-0c195c87405b}, ({1da5d803-d492-4edd-8c23-e0c0ffee7f0e},0), 0x33f640
2512459.794:0025:trace:mmdevapi:MMDevice_SetPropValue Writing L"{1DA5D803-D492-4EDD-8C23-E0C0FFEE7F0E},0" returned 0
2512459.794:0025:trace:pulse:AUDDRV_GetAudioEndpoint {fd47d9cc-4218-4135-9ce2-0c195c87405b} 0x188748 0x33f788

I don't know what name the package would have for OpenSuse, but under Arch, I have "pulseaudio-alsa" package installed. The fact that your stuff works with alsa alone makes me believe you are missing that very crucial sound library. This library, at least according to my understanding, allows for pulseaudio and alsa to work together as one.

It is my understanding that pulseaudio-alsa is only an optional library for Mate, unlike gnome, and I see no mention of KDE/Plasma. So, with Suse being a KDE by default distro, and you're running Mate, it is entirely possible you don't have that library installed and not know it.

I'm not saying this is the solution to all your woes, but I would check there first.

I have the pulseaudio-alsa package. The odd thing is I found this out in Q4 with wine using winetricks. When I have no audio in an installed program if I go into winetricks and tell it to use alsa I have sound through pulseaudio. Could these packages be defaulting to an install using OSS? is that possible? If so how can this be changed in Crossover without having to do something weird?

Just FYI Opensuse is not default KDE, you can have gnome, kde, xfce, or lxde. I install xfce by default then moved to mate. I have alot of libraries. I build a lot of packages from source when things don't work right.

Freejack wrote:

Just FYI Opensuse is not default KDE, you can have gnome, kde, xfce,
or lxde. I install xfce by default then moved to mate. I have alot
of libraries. I build a lot of packages from source when things
don't work right.

I don't agree, kde is the default. Default doesn't mean "no other desktop". Do an install, and you'll see, kde/plasma is selected first... But I digress...

As for the sound system, the only thing I have in both vanilla Wine and Crossover is "system default" (which is in French for me, so something like that) and pulseaudio. But then, I don't have any OSS library installed for as far as I know.

That being said, I have read the "sound" sound section, and found this:

"One thing you can try is switching Wine's compatibility mode between Windows 7 and Windows XP. Recent applications will detect the Windows version and either use the legacy APIs for pre-Vista operating systems, or the new MMDevAPI or XAudio2 modules for post-Vista operating systems. Choosing either Windows 7 or Windows XP may cause your application to use a different audio system, which may have better success. Please consider filing a bug if you find that your application's audio works in one mode but not the other, as Wine should support both."

Changing that wouldn't be too funky and can be easily reverted.

Edit: and this too:

"Wine has official support for PulseAudio. The driver should work well, but there are some known issues with unusual audio buffer and latency settings. If you find you are having choppy or no audio with some applications, then check to ensure the PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC variable is unset, and that you're using default buffering values in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf. Certain audio devices, especially USB audio devices, can cause PulseAudio to use different latency and buffering settings, which can cause issues with Wine. "

Actually all the Opensuse 42.1 install I have done have Gnome choosen as the Desktop.

I will give the switching versions a try and let you know. I just know in wine it is way easier by just switching to alsa in winetricks on the system setup.

Ok this is frustrating, Crossover has the winealsa.drv in the same folder it has the winepulse.drv but you can not in wine config switch between them. I have looked in every config file from .cxoffice and /opt/cxoffice which is where it is installed I checked the version numbers to be sure and it isi 15.2 so it is the correct version. All I want to do is switch from pulse to alsa to have sound in the run apps. When wine config is set to pulse i have no sound, when set to alsa i have sound in said apps/games. Tested in wine. My system is using pulseaudio it is Opensuse 42.1. I have games running that I would like to make sure I can give a top rating for but with no sound I can not. Why is this so hard to do? It should be a simple oh it is not using pulse switch it to alsa and bingo in business.


I figured it out and now it is working with sound.

6.6.2 How do I edit the Wine registry?

The Wine registry is stored in the .reg files in ~/.wine, however you should not edit these files by hand due to the encoding that they use. Always use the regedit program that comes with Wine. This can be run by typing wine regedit in the terminal. Wine's regedit is virtually identical to the Windows version of regedit and also supports importing and exporting of registry files. NEVER try and import your entire Windows registry, this will just break Wine.

See also: Useful Registry Keys

It was simple as adding a registry key for Audio and telling it to use alsa.

+-Drivers +->Audio Which audio backend to use. Should be a string such as "pulse" or "alsa" or "oss" or "coreaudio". Set to the empty string to disable audio entirely. Given a comma-separated list of drivers, Wine will attempt to make the most appropriate choice.

Simply added the Audio key and then gave it string alsa.

Sound now working in all games tat would not work with pulse. This could be made real simple in Crossover.


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