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How to use different Wine version

Simple question - How to I have Crossover use a different wine version? For example, I want to try a later build of Wine that is shipped with Crossover. How do I do that?

You don't...

Wine is not Crossover. Crossover is based on Wine, but the code base is not identical, and Wine isn't just dropped in. That's where Crossover differs, and find its advantage over any other product. It has stuff you simply will not find in Wine, in any version.

So if you want to play with Wine, use Wine, as you can have both Wine and Crossover without problems. If you wan't a graphical interface with Wine, use something like playonlinux. Playonlinux uses vanilla Wine, and you can change versions as you see fit.

In other words, use Crossover for stuff that matters, and fiddle around with Wine for the hell of it, don't mix'em up.

J-P Simard wrote:

You don't....

Well that's unfortunate. I play Guild Wars 2 and with Wine 1.7.34 with Gallium Nine, I can get 60+ fps but the mouse input is slightly broken. With Wine, the mouse input is perfect but the fps is 15+.

Yeah, it happens, but there might be something to be done for your mouse directly in the bottle settings. You should open a support ticket, and if you're on a demo, write to

TransGaming used to have the option of selecting version of Cedega for different games, this did of course not include the open source wine, but the one patched by TransGaming. I miss that and wish that CodeWeavers could have similar feature and support for python3 (noticed that my current distribution is dropping python2 support in many packages).

For the open source wine you may need to run PlayOnLinux, think that one allowed you to run different versions of wine for games.

We really prefer to invest the energy required to maintain multiple Wine versions into making the newest release work better 😊 .

On Linux going back to an older Wine is usually not so much of an issue, but OSX tends to break its API with every release, making old Wine (and thus CrossOver) broken.

Why not give a bit extra feature to us Linux users and make those OSX users feel the need of going to and download a better OS.

J. A. wrote:

Why not give a bit extra feature to us Linux users and make those
OSX users feel the need of going to and download a
better OS.

I support your suggestion wholeheartedly, but don't get your hopes up...

J. A. wrote:

Why not give a bit extra feature to us Linux users and make those
OSX users feel the need of going to and download a
better OS.

Well put :D

That said, I did have a Mac as my main rig from 2007-2010 and it did indeed work very well. But I got tired of Apple's way or FU and die attitude. As much hate as I have for Windows, at least in all its failures it got the one important thing right -- heres a base platform to build on, have fun. Linux upgrades that to an OPEN platform to build on, have fun. I do find it amusing that alot of my techie friends that went all in on Apple have gone back to whatever (BSD, Linux, Windows) for that very reason. They may blame it on the sluggisheness of newer OSX releases, but when pried its the core reason. The couple holdouts have to due to work reasons. I joke that they need a new job.

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