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How to Submit a Tip / Trick Update

Can someone please tell me how we can submit a Tip/Trip for a game? I had to do a bunch of research to resolve my problem and it comes down to a simple registry edit that I would like to share with other users that might shave some time off of their install experience should they have the same issue. I tried searching for this in the forums but did not have any luck finding any existing posts.

Also, I am not really qualified to become an advocate so that is probably not the best suggestion, and I do not see anything that says submit tip, suggestion, etc. nor do I see any way of messaging existing advocates to let them know about the fix I found. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


The best thing to do is to go straight to the app's "What Runs?" page.

For instance! "F.E.A.R. Extraction Point": From here, click the 'Edit' button and then you should see an 'Add' button.

Let me know if this helps!

Unfortunately, I do not have an Edit button on the What Runs page for the game.

I believe adding/deleting/editing Tips & Tricks is something that only Advocates and Staff can do.

That would be a real shame, because it would essentially remove community-generated solutions and workarounds which is what gives WineHQ and pretty much the entire open-source community so much power. I don't mind vetting the tips and tricks through the advocates, but I don't even see a way to get in touch with them, other than through the forums, etc. I went ahead and submitted a support question to the code-weavers team asking about how we can submit the tips/tricks. Surely they can come up with a way to allow the community to help out. That's kind of the idea of the Linux world, after-all, isn't it?

Anyway, I'll try to post back here for anyone searching if they get back with me about an adequate solution in case anyone else is searching the forums on how to submit Tips / Tricks. Thanks everyone for getting back with me, and happy Crossovering...err, you know what I mean. hehe


You know, advocates are members of the community. So why not become an advocate? It would also allow you to test betas when they come.

Oh, I completely agree that advocates are members of the community; however, I don't really spend a lot of time on testing, betas, etc. and don't really have much time to contribute to a particular program. I just wanted to throw something towards the community or the existing advocates to help out and save someone what took me hours to find, and seconds to implement.

I checked out the Advocate page and here is a quote from it:

The Stuff Ya Gotta Do...

In return, we require that you do the following:

    1. Rank how well your application performs in each production release of CrossOver.
    2. Submit at least one (1) beta report for each new beta version of CrossOver, so we can track how well your application works with a potential new release.
    3. If you have created a CrossTie file for an application, you must re-test that CrossTie with new releases of CrossOver to confirm that it's still working, and submit a rank.

I don't really have time to rank applications for each release of CrossOver, and I don't do betas usually. There's just not enough time in the day for me. A simple, "Suggest Tip/Trick" for existing advocates or sys admins would be plenty to help out the community without committing to something that one does not have time to do. The only reason I've really had time to post this much here is because I've been home from work due to a new baby (yay!) so I've taken a few days of paternity leave. The rest of my time is spent at work and with the family.

Well, I then have to say congrats on the baby! I don't have a kid, but seeing how my brother reacted, it is a great thing to happen in anyone's life.

Yeah, she's been awesome so far. It's our third and, although it's a LOT of responsibility, it really is awesome too. And thanks!

Although it was not the encouraging response I had been hoping for, I did receive an official reply from the codeweavers team:


You're welcome to leave your findings in a post on the forum tab instead which is open to everyone.


Being that I did not have much luck finding anything useful in the forums for anything I've had trouble with in the past, not to mention things get messy/lost in here anyway, I think I'll just forget spending any additional time trying to remember what reg fix I figured out a month ago that got things workiing. I'll worry about it later when some method is created to get in touch with advocates for submitting tips/tricks or something else to place it on the What Runs page, which is where I spent most of my time looking both here and at winehq (on the appDB page).

Such is life...Have fun everyone!

We should have done one of two things:

 1. Asked you what your tip was and entered it ourselves


 2. Given you access so that you could add the tip

It is true, we're a bit tighter about who can and cannot add things like Tips to the Compatibility Center. In retrospect, that should be at least revisited.

For now, I have turned on access as though you're an advocate. You will see information coming about betas (when that happens) and a little more noise from the advocate group. I understand you may not have time due to your latest addition (CONGRATULATIONS!).

If you are still willing, all you need to do is log into your account on our site and then visit the Tips & Tricks page for "The Elder Scrolls: Online". You will now see an "Edit" option that will let you add tips to that section. If not, you can drop me an email and I'll get the tip added in a somewhat timely manner.

If you have any trouble, come find me and I'll do my best to help.

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