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What makes CX not work well when gaming?

I have had an issue with CX since 14.0 release and I was so much hoping that 15.0 would be the big salvation, but it's not really been much of an improvement.
As I don't use a supported distribution, I don't get much of official support and I'm quite unhappy with playing the only game I play, Guild Wars 2 (unless I use wine with staging features enabled). I have two machines, one slightly more powerful than the other

Machine A:
Motherboard: F1A75-V
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 651 Quad-Core
GFX: Nvidia GT640 2GB (1920x1080)

Machine B:
Motherboard: MS-7640
CPU: AMD FX-6300 Six-Core
GFX: Nvidia GTX 660 2GB (1920x1200)

I do run 4.1.13 kernel based on ArchLinux (minus some intel configuration) and nVidia driver 355.11. Here is estimated average fps I get in the game (Lions Arch, just standing still):

               Machine A                    Machine B  

CX13.2 14 27
CX14.X 7 12
CX15.0 6 17
WINE 24 48

The values gets worse the more movement there is and I'm already running on the lowest settings in GW2.
I have disabled vsync, as I have earlier noticed it really kills of fps, I have set high performance and ignored image quality, so I really don't know what else to do, running htop on the machine while playing shows that there is still some unused CPU power left. The game is slower when downloading updates (I blame that to the huge data file they use to store files).

Anyone have ideas of kernel options, nvidia settings that may make things slower? Is there some secret settings in CX which I'm the only one not knowing?

Not that this is going to be any comfort, but I haven't had to do much foolin' around with settings over the years. At least, nothing that would make a big difference between Wine and Crossover. Further, I did run Skyrim without much problems, and pretty good frame rates as well, with all of this on Arch Linux. On the other hand, Skyrim what the last game I bought from the Windows world, and it has been a while.

The only thing that pops into mind is that sometimes the amount of ram a video card has doesn't get properly detected by Wine/Crossover. That usually leads to error messages, but I guess it would also seriously impede performance if the software works at all. Do take into account that this mostly wild speculation. I don't have the links on hand, but such registry edits have been discussed on the forum.

I did do the registry hack to set the amount of ram, which in my case made no difference (it had detected the right amount before too according to diagnostics).

I did test Guild Wars (the original game, which is quite old nowadays), there I can get 167 fps while graphics set on the highest (on lowest I'm around 270 fps).
So it don't really don't feel it's the rig or the OS that's in fault, but at the same time I have seen people report a lot better fps on around the same hardware.

I guess the only thing is to wait for CX16 and see if things gets better and until then keep on using wine for playing GW2.

Just one question, what distro are you using? I'm not saying this is distro specific or anything, it just might lead to some clues I can't think of right now.

I'm running an arch linux kernel on stable gentoo.

I did use glances to see what happens. On the machine which the CX is too slow on (running now wine 1.9.13), the CPU usage is up on 80% (including kodi which draws like 90% on one thread), GPU usage is on 10%. On the more powerful machine with CX15.1 the CPU usage is around 65% and GPU usage is up on 30%.

That's with the lowest possible graphics settings on both machines, change the settings for the graphics seems to have little effect on the CPU/GPU usage, but does a lot on FPS that I can get out.

I did try out 64bit wine on the slower machine, the default graphics looks better than on the 32bit, but I get just half the amount of frames, I haven't checked the the load, but wouldn't guess it was much different from what I get on the 32bit.

You use the patch wine with cmt ?. Or the pure wine.

I have an AMD r9 290 and noticed a marked increase in games and why I'm going with the driver Raedon open source. Even so, I'll do some tests on my notebook to see if I can replicate your problem but Opensuse Tumblebee that is my current distro. Since it has a dedicated nVidia (GT 750M). I hope to have good news soon.

Excuse my bad English.

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