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Failing to install steam on arch
Patrick Hoette
Posted 2017-10-09 10:36
Hey there everyone!

I just downloaded and installed crossover today. with a bit of work I got the blizzard app and hearthstone to run (though that showed some of the same errors). Unfortanatly when I try to install steam it errors on all the fonts. Then a wizard pops up to install Microsoft xml parser and I hit next and it closes out and I get an error saying:
"An error occurred while installing Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 3.0

The installer has exited but Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 3.0 does not seem to be installed"

in the console I get the following for all the font errors and I believe the xml parser aswell (sorry for the uncertainty but its there quite a couple of times):
"winedbg: Internal crash at 0x7e9b2dde"
"crossover:error: uncompress did not set self.error"

Then the steam install just fails.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.
Vincent Povirk
Vincent Povirk  Staff Member
Posted 2017-10-11 12:50
On the page that says "The installer has exited...", there should be a link to a log file generated by the install.

Unfortunately, install logs tend to get cluttered, and it may be hard to find the relevant portion. I'd suggest opening a ticket to get help from someone on our support team.
Vincent Povirk
Vincent Povirk  Staff Member
Posted 2017-10-11 12:53
Sorry, I misunderstood your post the first time. The link to a log file will be in the "CrossOver Software Installer" window after the install process completes, whether it's successful or not.

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