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Trouble installing 16.2.5-1 on Ubuntu 16.04 over older versions
George Bohannon
Posted 2017-11-27 14:02
Fails immediately upon trying to run the installer. I already have earlier versions of CrossOver installed (13.2.0 and 15.0.1), but installing the new 16.2.5-1, gives a message saying
Breaks existing package 'ia32-crossover' that conflict: 'cxoffice5'. But the '/home/username/Downloads/Crossover/crossover_16.2.5-1.deb' provides it via: 'cxoffice5'


Does this mean I must uninstall the previous version? I'm reluctant to do so if it means I might lose the existing bottles or not be able to reinstall the older version if needed.

Also says I need to run dpkg --add-architecture i386. When I do so, dpkg says the argument is not recognized. I doubt this is needed, since I already have older versions installed.

This issue has been forwarded to the Official CodeWeavers Ticket System.  If you have observed this issue and would like to report it as well, please open a support ticket or send an email to with a description of what you are seeing and a link to this post.

Thank you!
The CodeWeavers Team

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