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Problems with ZFS
Alan Clements
Alan Clements
Posted 2018-07-23 19:10
Just wanted to get this out there. My system runs Ubuntu 18.04 with root on an SSD. Swap, /var and /home are on a ZFS mirrored raid of spinning disks. I ran into an issue when installing crossover (wine) applications. Since ZFS doesn't report free space in the same way traditional file systems do I was unable to install anything.  I was able to solve this problem by mounting a separate disk with generic ext4 under ~/.cxoffice.

** The issue has been reported to Codeweavers. I am posting this information at their request. **
Matthew D Mattox
Matthew D Mattox
Posted 2019-05-06 11:37
I was able to workaround this using the following.

#Create VOL in ZFS
sudo zfs create -s -V 100g DataPool0/cxoffice
sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/zvol/DataPool0/cxoffice

#Add filesystem to /etc/fstab
/dev/zvol/DataPool0/cxoffice /home/<<username>>/.cxoffice ext4 defaults 0 0

#Move and Mount
mv /home/<<username>>/.cxoffice /home/<<username>>/.cxoffice_org
mkdir /home/<<username>>/.cxoffice
sudo mount /home/<<username>>/.cxoffice
sudo chown -R <<username>>:<<username>> /home/<<username>>/.cxoffice
rsync -avz /home/<<username>>/.cxoffice_org/ /home/<<username>>/.cxoffice/

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