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Fallout 76
john ockert
john ockert
Posted 2018-11-24 10:36
Hey, everyone. I have Fallout 76 running but am unable to connect to the servers. Anyone have any ideas?

just read about this forum being for running and installing crossover. So, i'll be opening this up in the correct forum.
Richard Phillips
Richard Phillips
Posted 2019-02-22 15:10
What version of Windows are you running in Parallels? I'd try upgrading to the latest version of Windows 10, if you aren't already. Maybe it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyways: you aren't going to be able to get it to work on a 32bit OS

Also, what version of Parallels are you running?

If nothing works, maybe try Bootcamp instead of Parallel?
Curt Peregoy
Curt Peregoy Raging Atomic Dragon Turbo Chief Senior Advocate
Posted 2019-03-31 15:16
I would not recommend running fallout 76 under crossover because it's anti cheat and hack system is as special as Destiny 2 and you'll run the risk of getting banned. This is what happens when developers don't want to support Linux or wine.
Wade Kappenman
Wade Kappenman
Posted 2019-03-31 19:13
I agree,  It's just developers being lazy and not wanting to embrace Open Source. They can say until they're blue in the face that the numbers just aren't there, I beg the differ. Like an old movie once said.....If you build it.....they will come.
Keith Rose
Keith Rose
Posted 2019-04-02 05:03
I'm quite impressed you were able to run it at all, I struggled to get it to work and ended up giving up.
Tyler Gale
Tyler Gale Chief Senior Advocate
Posted 2019-04-17 05:37
I've seen people run the game on vanilla wine, but have not heard of anyone getting banned for having using it on Wine.  Either way, I guess it's a risk, and I am not aware of Bethesda's track record around online game bans.

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