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Office 2016 Window Cannot Resize After Maximize
Milton Hagler
Milton Hagler
Posted 2018-12-05 03:12
CrossOver 18.0.0
Kubuntu 18.10 (same as Ubuntu 18.10 but with the KDE Plasma 5 desktop). Intel graphics
Word and Excel first open maximized
Click the Maximize /  Restore button (upper right corner) of Word or Excel
Window resizes down to a smaller size but cannot maximize or manually resize the window again. Seems like it is being restricted.

Any ideas or solutions?


Rui Correia
Rui Correia
Posted 2018-12-06 01:43

This is something that has been happening with Kde 5 for a a long time indeed.
You can try what is described here :
Milton Hagler
Milton Hagler
Posted 2018-12-08 02:13
@Rui - thanks for the reply. It pointed me in the right direction to find a link written by Peter Vollebregt which addresses the issue.;msg=177373

The original write up was for Office 2007, but they also work for Office 2016 as-is. The system settings referred to below are for KDE System Settings --> Window Management --> Window Rules. Not Wine bottle settings.

I had the same problem wit office 2007 and found the solution (use kwinrules) here:

Disabling desktop effects did not help.
Unchecking "Allow windows manager to control the windows" had side effects (window always on foreground).
What works for me with Word, Excel and Powerpoint is:
  Start System Settings
  Select Window Behaviour
  Select Window Rules
  Click "New..." to create a new Window Rules
  Enter the description
  Window Class: Regular Expression. I use .*\b(winword.exe|excel.exe|powerpnt.exe)\b.*
  Check "Match whole window class"
  Check on tab "Size & Position"
  Check "Full screen": value Forced, No
  Check "Ignore Requested Geometry": value Forced, Yes

KDE Plasma 5 continues to amaze me as to how flexible it is. :)
Tim Richardson
Tim Richardson
Posted 2019-01-30 18:32
Thanks for your tips re plasma. I confirm that this works for me, on KDE Neon.
Posted 2019-04-04 06:23
I had the same problem but fixed it by unchecking the "allow operating system to control window" in Wine configuration -> graphics.

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