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Interesting Office 2010 issue with "configuration progress" after quitting a bottle.
Ryan Barrett
Posted 2019-04-04 17:46
So, the last vestige of my mothers need for Windows is Office.  She is unwilling to learn something else, arg.

I've successfully installed and activated Office 2010 in a Windows 7 bottle - from the look of it everything WORKS! wow.  The only issue is that once a bottle is quit, or the computer is restarted, any launched Office program results in the "configuration progress" window, for whatever reason.

When this complete's it prompts for a "reboot" (LOL Windows bs.) Allowing it to do so hangs the processes, and it doesn't "do it" clicking "no" results in Office Whatever opening successfully, sometimes warning about safemode if it crapped out previously.

Now, from my research, it seems that this is related to  OSPPSVC.exe or some kind of permissions issue related to the user privilege level office is being run as (or the "Networking Service" account not having the correct permissions).

I've seen suggestions that:  "secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\inf\defltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose" will solve the issue .. it does not, I've also tried entering the regedit registry editor and adding dword values for "NoReReg" under both word and outlook to no affect.  

Can anyone shed light on this issue, aside from it everything works, but mother isn't going to be pleased about all the re configuring.

This is one of the pages I've been looking at to try and figure out what's happening:

Thanks, hopefully someone knows as I'm stumped once again with how to solve Microsoft's tangled mess of rediculosity.
Ryan Barrett
Posted 2019-04-04 17:59

the suggestion on that page, to rename the setup program does work - it takes awhile to load the program the first time a bottle is run but the user doesn't get the configuring progress window as a result of setup crapping out ... I wonder if I replace setup with a compiled small setup.exe of my own that just exits if it will reduce that wait

UPDATE: scratch that I thought it was working but Outlook puts back the setup.exe each time, and when "quit bottle" is run the "configuration progress" window is back.  Do you ever get the feeling Windows is more like a virus than an operating system?

There's certainly some difference happening in between "quit bottles" that's causing this.... as once the window has been shown once the app loads straight away until the next quit bottle

UPDATE #2: so because the programs would put back a deleted setup.exe, and would replace my setup.exe (a hello world c program compiled without the printf hello world message included) I decided to chown it root, and chgrp root, giving other world users only execute permission, and guess what, I no longer see the "configuration progress" window ever.  It takes awhile for the program to load tho- not sure what busywork Microslop has it doing in the background on load... anyways... if someone needs a compiled null program to have office run when it starts let me know :)

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