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Some pictures inserted into or being inserted into MS Word and Powerpoint have mysteriously turned yellow.

Hello. I recently upgraded to Crossover 21.0.0-1.deb with Mint 20.2 (64 bit) and MS Office 2007.
I have a problem with certain pictures previously and successfully inserted into MS Word and Powerpoint documents.

When I open these documents that were created using Mint 19.0 and Crossover 17.5.1-1 some but not all pictures no longer display correctly. Instead of the original colors I am getting bright yellow images, some with blue bands running through the pictures.

If I click on these pictures sitting in the original folders they display perfectly (using Gwenview). But as soon as I drop one into Word or Powerpoint they are now bright yellow.

Other pictures display perfectly when dropped into an existing or new Word or Powerpoint document.

Please also note that if I drop one of these problematic pictures into Libre Office Writer they display correctly. But if I then save the Libre Office Writer document as MSWord the yellow mess comes back.

I am completely stumped and have no idea why only some pictures display yellow whether they are in an established document or dropped into a newly created document.

Is there some setting I've triggered in Office 2007, or in Crossover that's creating this color nightmare?

Thank you.

Does anyone have a suggestion(s) on how to fix this odd behavior?

I am stuck needing to prepare some documents in MSWord and yellow pictures just won't work.

I'm seeing the same thing. Only in certain documents, for some of the images. With crossover-21.2 under Fedora 36.

Unfortunately I cannot revert to crossover-20.0 because that installer fails against python-3.9 (specific problem: ImportError: cannot import name 'MutableMapping' from 'collections' when running

Actually, a bit of investigation: the problem seems to happen with all PNG images that have an alpha channel (type RGBA). Replacing them with RGB-only versions makes the yellow go away.

I also see the problem with one JPEG file.

Some actual progress narrowing down this problem:

For .png images, they turn yellow when they have a Color Profile.

Work-around: remove the color profile. In imagemagik, this can be done with "convert with_profile.png +profile '*' without_profile.png".
In Gimp, uncheck the "Color Profile" box in the PNG save options dialog (after you enter the filename to save).

(Unfortunately I do not see how to correct images once they are in powerpoint. This bug may be related: )

Apparently previously Crossover ignored color profiles in images, at least with powerpoint, and then it started recognizing them, but it doesn't currently handle them correctly.

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