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emClient... oh so close.

The best email client ever installs well, setup works well even with Proton mail's Bridge client, message download proceeds as expected, sending and receiving proceeds as expected, message translation works fine and then ..... it just shuts down!

No particular event, that I can determine, preceeds the shutdown. Clicking the panel icon brings it back up again as normal and we go again. Oh it would be so nice if I could make this my default email clent in Linux Mint as it is in Windows and has been for years.

Does anyone have any ideas what is causing this shutdown? Better still, does anyone have a fix?

I could try it out and let you know if I encounter the same issue


Doesn't work for me. I submitted a report, will keep you updated


Thanks, much appreciated. How does one submit a report? I'd like to make one too.

You need to sign up to be a BetterTester



No problem, lmk how it goes

Can I ask how you got SMTP set up with Proton in em Client in Crossover? I got it set up with the bridge and I get incoming emails, but The settings don't allow for STARTTLS and I have tried all of the options with no success. If I try to send an email I get an error message due to settings.

I finally found the settings to use em client with protonmail bridge and it worked!! Then right after, started having this same issue. EmClient opens, says it wasn't shut down properly last time and then opens for a brief second and closes. Hope we get a fix for this. In the meantime, I might try reinstalling in CO as it DID work.

Just an update. As previously stated, successful installation from the CO download, then program automatically updates to latest version; not sure if I tried NOT updating if these issues would not be present. But while the program sends/receives email in each of my 5 protonmail accounts, it consistently crashes at various points, so is far from stable. I can choose settings for an account and it crashes. Other times, I can get into account settings and modify things. Sometimes, I write an email, it crashes. Other times, emails sends and no issues. I am going to try uninstalling/reinstalling and see if this time, not updating to latest version gets rid of the crashes, so at least we know the source. Will report back.

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