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Copy/Paste not working after upgrading to Crossover 22

I recently upgraded to Crossover 22.

While copying from Linux to Windows works, copying in the Windows-->Linux direction stopped working. Anybody else having this issue? Tips or workarounds appreciated.


I have the same random issue after the upgrade on a Linux Mint 21 system. The clipboard manager (CopyQ) starts detecting the texts copied from Windows programs as “<DATA>”, and I can not paste them.

Sometimes it starts working again after using the copy/paste shortcut keys (Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V) instead of the context menu.
Hope this could be fixed.


Does it make a difference which program you copy from? Does notepad work? (Notepad can be started using Run Command.)

I have the same issue when copying from MS Office 2016 Word or Excel and pasting into Gmail in Chrome, Wordpress, terminal or other applications. I can paste into LibreOffice Writer and Files. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V or Ctrl+Shift+V do not appear to make any difference.

I'm having the same issue. The major applications I use are Scrivener 3 Aeon Timeline 3.0. Both worked without any issue in Crossover 21 on Fedora 36 (with the minor tweak of the speech SAPI in Scrivener). I had to uninstall v21 to get v22 to install. Afterward, cut and paste would no longer work seamlessly between the two applications or between them and LibreOffice. I had to use a text editor to make it work (xed, in my case).

I ended up uninstalling v22 due to terrible performance issues (it made Aeon Timeline almost unusable) and reinstalling v21. Unfortunately, whatever changes v22 makes to the bottles were not undone after the reinstall and copy/paste still did not work. Only after I restored my previous bottles did copy & paste return to working order.

I am having exactly this same problem and am pulling my hair out over it. Was anything ever discovered to get past this bug?

It seems to be fixed with Crossover 23. But a new issue was added:

  • The font type instead of the real text is copied/cut when I select text with the mouse in Office 2007 and I copy/cut it with the shortcuts Ctrl + C and Ctrl + X .
  • The font type is edited instead of the real text when I paste something over a selection made with the mouse with the shortcut Ctrl + V.
  • There is no issue when the text is selected with the keyboard (Shift key + directional arrows).

I've got the same issue with copying/pasting the font type in Word, Excel and Powerpoint (2010) in Crossover 23 running on Ubuntu 23.04 (both Wayland and X11 sessions).

It turns out that the semi-visible popup toolbar that shows when you select text with the mouse apparently gets focus (the font textbox) when one presses the Ctrl-key.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Mark a section of text in Word, Excel or Powerpoint with the mouse (e.g., double-click a word)
  2. Observe the popup toolbar being shown
  3. Attempt to copy the marked text by pressing Ctrl-C
  4. Observe when the Ctrl-key is pressed, the text in the toolbar's font-box gets focus
  5. When Ctrl-C now is pressed, the font name is copied

The same issue happens when one is to replace marked text with something on the clipboard (the text is pasted in the font textbox instead of replacing the selected text).

Alt 1: click the copy or paste button in the top toolbar
Alt 2: when text has been selected with the mouse, move the mouse pointer to that the popup toolbar is closed
Alt 3: select text with shift+arrow keys

I think this issue is new to Crossover 23 as I have not noticed it with any previous version.

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