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EA App Support

Anyone know if we are going to get a fix for the new EA App? Am currently using the workaround for origin and for now it's working, however I can't see this working for long.

Hi Matthew,

We're working on a fix for CrossOver 23 :)



By the way, any (beta) release schedule for #23 ? :-D

How to Install the EA App in CrossOver.
Works on nightly build Version 2220230508 (

EA App only looks at you internal drive when determining available space. You can still connect an external drive and save your games there but it will say insufficient space if your internal is lacking.
If EA app gives an incorrect reading for your internal drive, I added a fix utilizing CleanMyMacX at the end of this guide.

Download and save the Latest EA App from EA’s website.
Download the latest Visual C++ 64 bit executable from Microsoft’s website.


  1. Create a New windows 10 64 bit bottle and name it EA or what ever name you decide to call it.

  2. Enable DXVK and CSMT (A MUST in this step)

  3. Using “Install a new application into bottle” install the follow applications in THIS ORDER ONLY

    1. Search for and install “Visual C++ 2015-2019 (64 bit)
    2. Install the latest Visual C++ 64bit you downloaded from Microsoft’s website.
    3. Search for and install d3dcompiler_47.dll
    4. Install the Latest EA App you downloaded from EA.

4 If the EA app doesn’t auto start then click on the EA app to launch it.

5 If you are able to log into the EA app then go to step 11. If you get no internet then continue to step 6. If you only see a blue or black box, that means you didn’t read step 2….. moving on.

6 In Bottle Actions, Select “Quit all Applications” then Select “Force Quit”

7 Run the EA app Updater. After it updates run the EA App.

8 In Bottle Actions, Select “Quit all Applications” then Select “Force Quit”

9 Install the EA App that you installed earlier just like you did in Step 3. This time you will be given an option to repair…. Click on repair.

10 If the repair completes you should be able to log in with your EA account now

11 Log in and Enjoy

Storage issue.
The EA App for me only read the size of my internal disk. Additionally the size it read was incorrect.
To correct the free space issue that the app was seeing, i closed out of the bottle and did the following in the maintenance section of CleanMyMacX.
-Free Up Purgable Space
-Run Maintenance Scripts
-Repair Disk Permissions

Reinstall prompt.
If trying to run a game and the EA app hits you with a reinstall the game prompt…. Delete the bottle and start over. And follow my directions next time. Instead of taking shortcuts READ and FOLLOW this guide because if you did, you wouldn’t have gotten the error.


Hi Ridhwan,

This works brilliantly, I login and I can browse the store, when try and view my game library I get the correct total of games, it just doesn't show me any art work etc and can't select a game. Have you had this issue???


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