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Where can I find how much overall storage crossover and games are taking on my mac?

Because I have a base model of macbook air m1, I have only 256ssd so storage is a little bit of a problem for me. I want to know how much overall storage my crossover games are taking but I can't find any userful information on Settings -> Storage. It shows only exe files I think with only some kb and crossover app that is taking ~1gb.

The Crossover application is in /Applications. It is not huge. There are a few extremely tiny preference and drm files in ~/Library/Preferences, they take up almost no space at all.

By default, your bottles are in ~/Library/Application Support/Crossover/Bottles and all your installed Windows applications and their support files are installed into your bottles. This is what is taking up real space. There are also some “launcher” files inside ~/Applications/Crossover which do take up some space but aren’t individually very large.

Crossover tricks your installed Windows applications into treating your ~/Documents folder as the My Documents folder. While some applications will store their save files in some other location and therefore will be inside one of your bottles, most applications put their save files in My Documents. Save files and other things applications put in ~/Documents can be anywhere from meaninglessly small to very large depending on the specific application and the use to which you put it.

Crossover doesn’t care where the bottles are located so you can keep them on an external storage device. You do need to tell Crossover where they are. Follow the instructions on this page if you wish to move your Bottles folder:,directory%20in%20a%20new%20location.

I don’t have a problem with the capacity of my boot volume but I do prefer to have my bottles anywhere but in the ~/Library folder. I use the method described in that link to put my Bottles folder inside my ~/Applications folder.


i want to store the bottles on an external drive, but non of the solutions in the linked wiki page does not work.
As soon as I changed the CXBootles path tp /Volumes/<drive>/Bottles, Crossover does not start anymore ....

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