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Quicken 2017 R15 crashes on startup
Tom Rohlfing
Posted 2017-10-12 22:32
I have been using Quicken 2017 for Windows R15 for several weeks successfully now, using Crossover 16.2.5, on a Macbook Air.  Yesterday morning it worked fine. But after returning from work I tried it and it crashed when initializing. Before it even tries to load my data file, the winedbg window pops up and says, "The program qw.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close." I tried deleting the Quicken bottle, then did a clean install of Quicken 2017 from the Crossover installer, and created a brand new data file, in case it was something corrupt in my data file. I had to create a new Intuit ID. I then did an install of the Quicken 2017 Mondo Patch, to get up to version 15. When I get to this point I can't even get to the point where I can select a data file.  It just crashes. I also tried uninstalling and re-installing Crossover. I can't figure out what changed from yesterday morning to the afternoon. I checked to make sure I have plenty of disk space -- about 36 GB free. Everything else on the computer seems to work fine. I don't know what else to try, having re-installed Crossover and re-installed Quicken.  Any ideas?
Craig Paulshock
Posted 2017-10-12 22:39
I think the reason all of us are having repeated problems relates to small Quicken updates that happen every time we run the program. These updates likely change the Quicken executables within the Quicken program files located inside the c-drive for the Quicken bottle, and these changes result in an incompatibility with Crossover. The only way to prevent this is to restore the Quicken c-drive files from a backup and disable the Quicken update function, or do a fresh install of Quicken and the mondo patch, and disable the Quicken update function before running Quicken to prevent any additional updates from occurring. Please refer to my prior posts to see how to do this. Good luck!
Tom Rohlfing
Posted 2017-10-12 23:21
Thanks Craig. Anything is possible, but as far as I know there was no update to Quicken between morning and afternoon.  It has been R15 for at least a couple of weeks, and I didn't see anything about an R16 update. So it's just a mystery.
Craig Paulshock
Posted 2017-10-13 00:20
Are you using Crossover 16? The version that CodeWeavers released for the original Quicken 2016 problem is 17beta. I thought that Quicken 2017 needed that version to work properly after the new Quicken ID system was implemented that crashed all Quicken 2016 users.

I understand that there may not have been any updates as far as the "R" number is concerned. But the Quicken program does check for updates every time you start it or do a download. And maybe these quick "checks" are enough to render the program incompatible with CrossOver. I have a hard time believing Windows users on Windows systems or Mac users on Mac systems are suffering the same instability. But I don't know for sure about that.
Like you, I experienced smooth operation for several days, and then from one run to another there was a crash that rendered the program unusable. This was after the beta CrossOver release that "fixed" the original problem along with a fresh Quicken install and mondo, etc. All I can tell you is that by disabling the update functionality, my program seems to be running smoothly, at this point for around a week. I will let everyone know if it fails again.

At this point, if any more failures occur, I will seriously consider abandoning Quicken/CrossOver altogether. Then the question becomes whether the Mac version is any more stable. I think it may be, but I would love to hear more from other users about that. The main reason I didn't go with Quicken for Mac when I became a Mac user is that the custom reports I made were not portable from the Windows version to the Mac version. I have dozens of hours worth of custom reports that I don't want to lose and have to recreate.

So the jury is still out....
Tom Rohlfing
Posted 2017-10-13 05:55
I had forgotten about the beta version.  Went back to my email from Quicken and got the link to that download. Then started the install from scratch.  Quicken 2017 R1, then the Mondo patch (which is R10). It ran as far as to where it asks for the Intuit login, which failed with "Oops, something went wrong on our end."  After that happened, Quicken would never run again, always crashing before it even gets to the point where it asks for your Intuit login. So I'm still stuck. It takes a painfully long time to re-install Quicken each time I want to try another experiment, so I'm running out of energy and patience.  I hate to have to buy parallels or some other virtual machine (along with purchasing Windows), just to run Quicken. It's almost to the point where I should just go out and buy a cheap Windows laptop just to run Quicken.  Any other ideas?
Craig Paulshock
Posted 2017-10-13 10:32
I share your pain Tom. I am not quite a familiar with Quicken 2017 as I use Quicken 2016. I too have spent an enormous amount of valuable time nursing Quicken 2106 / CrossOver along. I don't know which company is more to blame for the crashes, but I think it is most likely due to CrossOver's lack of compatibility. CrossOver is a limited emulation of the  Windows environment, and as such is prone to incompatibility. The number of posts related to problems with all sorts of Windows apps shows that.  I have previously tried Parallels and some other Virtual Machine approach with mixed results and did not find them to be problem free, not just with Quicken but also general issues of crashing or strange behavior. That's why I ended up with CrossOver.

Have you put in a ticket to CodeWeavers to see what they suggest? They have been able to help a lot of users. Also, it's important to be sure all your CrossOver files in the C-drive are completely deleted so you are doing a fresh install of everything. If you get a working installation, make a copy of the working Quicken 2017 bottle and label it as a working backup copy. I would still recommend disabling the Quicken update program as I have previously written about.

I personally have just about had it with this Quicken/CrossOver time sink. Personally I do not want to get a Windows laptop because I want to do my financial work on a big screen, and I don't like the virus risk with Windows!  I am looking for other users input as to alternatives should I decide to jump ship. I am considering, Quicken for Mac or other top rated bookkeeping platforms that offer online check writing. Any recommendations?
Frank Stuart
Posted 2017-10-13 10:46
Do not move to Quicken for MAC. The reports are not good. I have been talking to Quicken for over a year to get Cap Gains reinvested in reports and they keep saying it will come in the next update. It has not. The last time I talked to them, 2 weeks ago. they said that Quicken 2018 is coming out in Oct and I should get Quicken for Windows Premier if I want better reporting. Then I have to use crossover. At the moment I am using Quicken for Windows 2014 with Crossover and it is working well except it crushes once in awhile. and manually updating quotes so I can get the report I want. I am using Quicken for Mac also. It works well for basic stuff but lacks the Windows features. I hope Quicken 2018 for Windows works on Crossover because that is what I am going to try. It is very frustrating after using Quicken for over 10 years. Good luck !
Craig Paulshock
Posted 2017-10-13 11:12
Hi Frank. Thank you for your information. I have read a lot of negative reports about the Quicken company, and I am not surprised they make a lot of false promises. I read they may actually abandon the platform in the near future because it is not profitable. But that could be rumor by the competition. Who knows?
As far as waiting for Quicken 2018, personally to me that is just an invitation to prolong the agony. It's easy to imagine a whole new set of incompatibilities. After all if the 2016 and 2017 versions are suffering major problems, why should we expect 2018 would be any different? Unless CodeWeavers can assure the users that this struggle will end and not be prolonged, then personally I am not inclined to put up with this ongoing issue much longer. As I said earlier, I am still testing the latest "fix" for Quicken 2016. If it lasts until I have to upgrade, and if the reports down the road are that Quicken 2017 or Quicken 2018 are real stable with CrossOver, then I would stay on board. But if the problems keep coming and coming, then I am more inclined to turn my attention to some other platform. Everything good in life has to end eventually!!

Frank  Stuart Posted:
Do not move to Quicken for MAC. The reports are not good. I have been talking to Quicken for over a year to get Cap Gains reinvested in reports and they keep saying it will come in the next update. It has not. The last time I talked to them, 2 weeks ago. they said that Quicken 2018 is coming out in Oct and I should get Quicken for Windows Premier if I want better reporting. Then I have to use crossover. At the moment I am using Quicken for Windows 2014 with Crossover and it is working well except it crushes once in awhile. and manually updating quotes so I can get the report I want. I am using Quicken for Mac also. It works well for basic stuff but lacks the Windows features. I hope Quicken 2018 for Windows works on Crossover because that is what I am going to try. It is very frustrating after using Quicken for over 10 years. Good luck !
Lee Richardson Symmes
Posted 2017-10-13 11:17
Quicken Cash Manager 2017 has been running OK on my MacBook Pro using CrossOver Ver 16.25-- until this morning.  I have just updated to HiSierra Ver 10.13, and on trying to open Quicken 2017, it ran a Quicken Update, told me I would need a Quicken ID. (which is a puzzle as I had already done this months ago)... and then it crashed.  There is a lengthy log record which I have saved, but I am unsure how or where to send it for any help.  Any suggestions would be welcome.  I will check back to this Forum to see if there are any suggestions or solutions.
Charles Skinner
Posted 2017-10-13 15:01
I'm having the same problem.  I've emailed Customer Support from whom I got the link for Crossover Beta 17.0b3 to make Q2017 work in the first place just a couple of weeks ago.  Maybe the Beta needs an update - ?  Will advise what I learn.
Tom Rohlfing
Posted 2017-10-14 05:49
Problem solved.  I finally submitted my issue to Codeweavers support and they replied that this is a known problem due to a minor update pushed out by Quicken last week.  There is a beta version 17.0b5 now which fixes the problem—for me at least.  I sent back a suggestion that they could save their customers a lot of grief if there was a place on the Codeweavers website where they can post known problems and workarounds.  I could have taken my wife out for a nice dinner on Friday night instead of thrashing around de-installing and re-installing Crossover and Quicken all night, which was a waste of time.
Donald G Palmer
Donald G Palmer
Posted 2017-10-14 06:04
Where might we find this new beta5 version?
Craig Paulshock
Posted 2017-10-14 07:43
Codeweavers has it available. They sent me a link and asked me to demo it. If you send in a ticket and ask for it in order to fix Quicken, they will give you the link. It's a free upgrade.
Craig Paulshock
Posted 2017-10-14 07:48
Agree 100%. The amount of wasted time really annoys me. That is why I want to have a contingency plan ready if or when CrossOvers just can't keep up with crazy Quicken updates.
Any thoughts on what Mac software might be a reasonable substitute. I have seen a few that are pure cloud based but not actually tried anything yet.
Pradeep Sethi
Posted 2017-10-14 08:37
I have gone through the same pain like others on this forum. As of now after cleaning everything and doing a fresh crossover install, the stable 16.2.5 and 17.0 beta versions, they all fail to create a new bottle either directly in crossover or through application installer. When the problems began, I bought quicken 2017 for Mac. I was pleasantly surprised. The conversion of QDF files was easy. It does change a few categories. And there is a small learning curve. But overall, it is working well and is STABLE. I highly recommend giving it a try. I want quicken for Windows because I create a new file for every year and my QDF files go back to 1995! And may need to go back to them occasionally. I do not want to convert all those old files to the Mac version. Otherwise the Mac version is good enough for me.
Charles Skinner
Posted 2017-10-14 20:10
This worked:
For Mac OS:

Visit and enter access code "quickenbeta”

Unzip the file that downloads by double-clicking it. Copy the new CrossOver app icon into your Applications folder and replace your existing CrossOver. Launch it and let it update the existing bottles, and then you should just be able to launch Quicken. If you are still having issues with Quicken then you may need to reinstall it

CodeWeavers Support
Pradeep Sethi
Posted 2017-10-14 21:07
Did as directed by Charles. Quicken did install, but after downloading data through one step update, upon trying to enter the individual transactions and clicking save or hitting enter, quicken crashes. With a backlog of weeks and many transactions, reopening quicken and trying to enter them is a huge waste of time. Please find a fix ASAP.
Thank you
Posted 2017-10-17 23:05
Beta 5 solved the problem for me - was able to start up Quicken 2017, run one-step update successfully, accept the transactions and reconcile the accounts.
carl filipponi
Posted 2017-10-28 11:47
Problem Solved.  

I loaded VMWare ...... Windows 10 ...... installed quicken 2017 R15 and Bam !   Up and running like nothing happened.
Rob McLellan
Posted 2017-10-28 15:06
I have been having all the problems that you folks have been having. Even though Codeweavers does a reasonably good job, running a Windows program on  a Mac is a clunky solution at best. So I started looking at native Mac software. The first one  I looked at earlier this month was Banktivity 6, which written for Mac only. I downloaded the free 30 day trial software. The software itself is good enough. It does most things that Quicken Deluxe does more efficiently. It is a little lighter on the investment side but did most things I needed it to do. My problem, as has been the casein the past, is connectivity. Banktivity 6 supports both Direct Connect and its own Direct Access service that cost $40 per year but is also free for the first 30 days. All my accounts support Direct Access on Quicken and have for quite some time. The first problem was that Direct Connect for my bank did not work. My bank is a smaller community bank but Quicken Direct Connect has worked flawlessly for years with it. Their Direct Access service did work but only Direct Connect supports bill pay within the software. Not a game stopper but not my preference either. The real problem came with my brokerage firm, also a smaller firm, where Direct Connect was flat out not supported by Banktivity although it has worked for years with Quicken. Their service did connect and downloaded transactions but the download would not identify the security in the transaction, it would only give the amount and number of shares for an unidentified security. This was the deal breaker for me as now this becomes a manual automatic process.

My recommendation is that Banktivity is good software if you can get it to connect to what you need it to. Maybe it works better for larger institutions. To find out you really need to try the trial. Next on the list to see if I can get to work is MoneySpirel.
Craig Paulshock
Posted 2017-10-28 15:17
Thanks for your info. Banktivity sounds like it is not a major player if it won't connect with a number of financial institutions.
I too am considering alternatives to "Windows app on Mac platform", but have not dived into this quest just yet because I got my Quicken 2016 working again with the usual but manageable hiccoughs, like when I go to run it, it shuts down right away but then opens normally the second time. I can live with that, but why should we have to deal with this kind of stuff?
Rob McLellan
Posted 2017-11-04 13:58
I tried to setup Moneyspire today. Way more of disaster. Balance on all my accounts were way off after importing. I do not even know how I would go about fixing this. Not sure if duplicate transactions imported or what happened.Big mess. Direct Connect nor Moneyspire Connect would connect with my bank. The software is underdeveloped on the investment side: no capital gains, ROI, or IIR, or real portfolio view. Banktivity is more developed. Moneyspire looks closer to Quicken Basic, if that is all you need and you can get it to connect to what you need then it might be OK. Banktivity is closer to Quicken Deluxe the way it looks. I may go with Banktivity going forward. After 17 years, I am done with Quicken and it looks like it the new Quicken for Mac goes with a yearly subscription plan.

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