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Help with Quicken
Michael Meyer
Michael Meyer
Posted 2019-12-16 22:02
I have successfully been running Quicken Deluxe 2017 and CrossOver 17.1 on Mojave for quite some time.  I would now like to upgrade to Quicken Deluxe 2019 and CrossOver 19 on Catalina.  Based on some earlier comments on this Forum I would first update CrossOver, then upgrade the OS to Catalina.  Presumably my old Quicken 2017 would still run on the new CrossOver 19.  Would I somewhere along the way have deleted CrossOver 17.1?  Before or after installing CrossOver 19?  Then would I reinstall other Windows programs (e.g., Word) in new bottles under CrossOver 19?  I assume as a last step I would update Quicken from 2017 to 2019, being sure that my data file is in a place where Quicken 2019 can find and open it.  I appreciate any guidance that may be provided.
James Deitch
James Deitch
Posted 2019-12-17 20:04
You don’t need to delete the old version of Crossover, just upgrade (or what’re they call it) to V19. Quicken 2017, 18, and 19 worked fine for me using the older versions of Crossover so you should be able to install Quicken 2019 before or after updating to Crossover 19.  Whenever you do it, it will create a new bottle for Quicken 2019.

Hope this helps.
James Deitch
James Deitch
Posted 2019-12-17 20:06
You have to update to Crossover V19 before installing Catalina.
Michael Meyer
Michael Meyer
Posted 2019-12-17 21:49
Thank you James.  The first step will be a stiff drink, then I'll go at it.
Michael Meyer
Michael Meyer
Posted 2019-12-19 09:13
In case anyone is interested, I have now successfully installed CrossOver 19, Quicken (2020 version, though it is no longer identified with a specific year) and Catalina, but it wasn't easy.  CrossOver 19 update was easy; all went well and my old Quicken 2017 continued to work well.  Quicken update not so easy, starting with the fact that when I tried to install from the disk I had just bought the CrossOver installer would only see the Mac version on the disk, not the Windows version.  So, I downloaded the Windows version from Quicken.  This installed easily, without a hitch.  Trying to run in (on Mojave OS) was another story.  Continually got hung up with a Wine Loader window and another blank window asking me to register with my Quicken username and password.  Tantalizingly, my actual Quicken account window opened for a few seconds before it was hidden by these other CrossOver windows that wouldn't go away. Every problem imaginable, from inability to fill in the blanks to not recognizing my valid credentials.  Lots of rebooting, and after "changing" my credentials with Quicken (to the same ones I had before) and dragging windows to be able to deal with those hiding behind, I finally got it to work.  I then had to enter the 16 digit code from the disk box (earlier validation on Quicken's web site in accordance with instructions did nothing) and all worked fine.  My old Quicken data files were easily and automatically found.  Lastly, I upgraded to Catalina, and that went well. I hope this might help someone.  
Werner Schmitz
Werner Schmitz
Posted 2019-12-22 09:44
I'm running Quicken since 1998 and so old is my Quicken database.
Approx. the last eight years I'm running it on the MacBooks with crossover and it worked well.
I waited with the Catalina update until Crossover 19 was out and first checked it on a different MacBook before updating my main MacBook to Catalina.
1st it run fine, so I updated my MacBook also.
Now since 2 days it won't start anymore. Quicken starts with the starting screen, only the File Menu and the question mark shows up on the left upper corner but nothing happens.
You can choose file, but it won't open. You can close Quicken regularly, so it don't freeze.
I reinstalled it already a couple times, you can open it once but no second time.

I really would appreciate any tips or help.
btw. it's Quicken 2003

Kind Regards

Anna Lasky
Anna Lasky  Staff Member
Posted 2019-12-23 09:59
Hi Werner,

I tried to replicate the behavior you are seeing, but I was unable to install Quicken 2003 to even test it.  Could be something with the CD, which was mildly scratched.  In any case, the behavior you are seeing sounds interesting.  I would recommend filing a support ticket.

Doug Kummerer
Doug Kummerer
Posted 2019-12-26 10:08
Michael Meyer Posted:
I hope this might help someone.  

Somewhat... In the end it can be successful!  I'm going to upgrade Quciken 2018 to Quicken {2020} -it doesn't actually say.  Also crossover 18.5 > 19 on a Debian Linux system.  Ok, upgrade one at a time... make sure everything works in place as is first!  Then have time planned, because even if I had a Windows system, I doubt it would be hassle free (I believe Quicken to be excessively bloated and cumbersome).   But eventually the newest Quicken will run in crossover!  Thanks.
Werner Schmitz
Werner Schmitz
Posted 2020-01-02 04:29
Thanks Anna,
Luckily I found a MacBook before Catalina. Installed my Crossover 17 and Quicken again and could safe and work with my Quicken files.
But still not found a conclusion with Crossover 19.
Kind Regards and happy new Year
Glenn Bolton
Glenn Bolton Senior Advocate
Posted 2020-01-07 11:05
I run MacOS Catalina 10.15.2 and downloaded the trial of CrossOver v19.  I have a Quicken subscription so I installed it running version R23.18. Aside from the initial developer errors that pop up each time before Quicken opens(about 12-14 prompts to biggie for me), I was in!

Was able to log into my subscription...get OneStep updates...Quicken Cloud Sync...all with no issues. Everything I do shows up in the Quick iOS app as well. As a bonus, I sync my file via OneDrive for multiple computer access as well as backing up my file to a different OneDrive folder. No issues.

The Mondo Jan 2020 patch wasn't popping up on the in-app update, so I was able to download the windows version file and manually update the app via CodeWeavers app so now I'm running it's good to know that updates can happen whether manually or hopefully in-app next time. I don't care, it works!

So far, I've clicked through most everything and it works. While I would much rather use a native QMAC that actually mirrored/matched the QWIN features, this surely beats going the Parallels route and spending alot of money on a WIN license.

Hope this helps!

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