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Launching CMD.exe from Crossover Mac Bottle
Posted 2008-09-14 11:39
Greetings all,

Figured I'd post here before I bothered the support crew. I'm sure this is one of those simple things that I'm just not getting yet.

Here's the scoop. I'm running Crossover Mac Version 7.0.2 (7.0.2). I've created a new, fresh bottle, and wish to launch cmd.exe in an emulated virtual desktop.

Fine. I have the bottle built, the EVD built, but biggie. So, now I go to the Programs Menu, select "Run Command".

In the Run Command dialogue I select my bottle, type "cmd.exe > C:\help.txt" and press Run. Cool. The dialogue changes to show that it's attempting to execute my command (little progress bar displays along the bottom of the dialogue) but nothing actually happens.

Exploring through the bottles "c_drive" folder shows no help.txt file has been generated.

Huh...ok. Well...what happenes if I log the above command. This is the output I get when I turn on logging (none of the extra log channels are enabled)

***** Sun Sep 14 12:22:30 2008
Starting: '/Applications/Utility Apps/Server Apps/' '--untrusted' '--bottle' 'YenCDRipper' '--workdir' '.' '--' 'cmd.exe'

CXConfig->read(/Applications/Utility Apps/Server Apps/
CXConfig->read(/Volumes/Southern/Users/yennix/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/CrossOver.conf)
Product version=7.0.2
1532: Grabbing the lock '/var/folders/Qj/QjXeAgG2G3aIJn-lUiuiRE+++TM/-Tmp-//.wine-502/CrossOver-wine.lock'
1532: Got the lock
CXConfig->read(/Volumes/Southern/Users//yennix/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/YenCDRipper/cxbottle.conf)
Mode = 'private'
  CX_ROOT = "/Applications/Utility Apps/Server Apps/"
  CX_BOTTLE = "YenCDRipper"
  WINEPREFIX = "/Volumes/Southern/Users//yennix/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/YenCDRipper"
  CX_WINDOWS_VERSION = <undefined>
  PATH = "/Applications/Utility Apps/Server Apps/"
  DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH = "/Applications/Utility Apps/Server Apps/"
  WINEDLLPATH = "/Applications/Utility Apps/Server Apps/"
  WINEDLLOVERRIDES = <undefined>
  LD_ASSUME_KERNEL = <undefined>
  WINELOADER = "/Applications/Utility Apps/Server Apps/"
  WINESERVER = "/Applications/Utility Apps/Server Apps/"
  WINEDEBUG = <undefined>
  CX_LOG = "/Volumes/Southern/Users/yennix/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/YenCDRipper/drive_c/newlog2.cxlog.partial"
  CX_DEBUGMSG = <undefined>
  DISPLAY = ":2"
1532: Releasing the lock
/Applications/Utility Apps/Server Apps/ winewrapper.exe --workdir . --run -- cmd.exe

** Sun Sep 14 12:22:30 2008
Starting '/Applications/Utility Apps/Server Apps/' 'winewrapper.exe' '--workdir' '.' '--run' '--'

fixme:ntdll:FILE_GetNtStatus Converting errno 57 to STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL

STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL? That's sort of messed up isn't it? I just wanted to get the crossover cmd.exe to run. Am I missing something or does this indicate a terminal problem in my bottle/application?

I have about three other bottles running on the same system. Each with a different application installed, and those seem to run fine. But last I checked Winamp and AcDsee dont call cmd.exe so that doesn't mean much;)

Any advice on what I may be doing wrong, or corrections to the assumption that the wine varrient of cmd.exe is intended to provide a command prompt is appreciated:)

Environment Specs follow:

  Model Name:				MacBook Pro
  Model Identifier:			MacBookPro3,1
  Processor Name:			Intel Core 2 Duo
  Processor Speed:			2.4 GHz
  Number Of Processors:			1
  Total Number Of Cores:		2
  L2 Cache:				4 MB
  Memory:				4 GB
  Bus Speed:				800 MHz
  Boot ROM Version:			MBP31.0070.B07
  SMC Version:				1.16f8

Operating System
  System Version:			Mac OS X 10.5.4 (9E17)
  Kernel Version:			Darwin 9.4.0
  Boot Mode:				Normal

  Version 				7.0.2 (7.0.2)
Peter Mueller
Peter Mueller
Posted 2009-03-01 08:36
I don't know why but trying to run cmd or cmd files or even .bat files independently seems to throw out error. I am trying to get STALKER Clear Sky to work through a cmd file and it does the same thing, so I'm guessing there is something that they fiddled with in command prompt.
Stefan Dösinger
Stefan Dösinger  Staff Member
Posted 2009-03-01 16:37
I think our cmd.exe replacement isn't very advanced yet, and has some problems with batch files. If you own a windows license you can copy cmd.exe from Windows. Alternatively, if you know a bit of shell magic, you can open the .bat file with an editor and try to execute the commands manually. Most batch scripts are pretty simple and contain just one or two commands. (e.g. call the game with some command line arguments)

Peter Mueller
Peter Mueller
Posted 2009-03-02 07:39
Also if you are just trying to run cmd.exe, putting "wineconsole" before it works and will open it up in a new window, but as he said it seems to have issues with running certain things including batch files.

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