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installing CrossOver Mac
Sandy Morgan
Sandy Morgan
Posted 2008-12-26 17:22
I am a diehard Quicken user who is VERY disappointed in the results I have been getting on my iMac.  I bought the VMware virtual machine via Apple--no support when I had problems, useless phone number to VMware.  I purchased Windows XP for my virtual machine.  I have lost my Quicken program and data twice now using the virtual machine.  Obviously it is a user error because I cannot find the data files on my computer.  No one can seem to or are willing to help me find the data files so that I can restore them.  So now I am thinking of trying the CrossOver Mac software in hopes that I can install and use my Quicken 2004 program directly on my iMac computer and the data will be stored and saved on the hard drive as well as on my external hard drive which is controlled by the Time Machine.  Can someone tell me if this will work?  Will I need to uninstall the VMware, the Windows XP operating system (in the virtual machine), and the Quicken2004 that is on the virtual machine before I install the CrossOver program?  Obviously I am not a very computer savvy person.  I am far too old to have grown up using computers, so I don't really understand how any of this stuff works.  Thank you for any advice and information you can give.
Sandy Morgan
Artist Formally Known as Dot
Artist Formally Known as Dot Advocate
Posted 2008-12-26 20:41
You don't need to uninstall the VM (or the OS/software installed in it) to install/use
crossover (technically that is...your EULA with quicken might require you uninstall
the copy in the VM, legally speaking, but software wise the VM & crossover environments
are mutually exclusive and don't interfere with each other)

As for Quicken2004 itself, and how it performs with crossover/mac, it's best you have
a look at the app's entry in the compatibility database ;

Be sure to read the forum/tips&tricks for Quicken2004 on the above page.
William H. Magill
William H. Magill
Posted 2008-12-27 11:47
Is there a particular reason why you don't use the native Mac version of Quicken? I have been using that for many years now with no problems. And, I believe, it can read PC Quicken data files with no problem.
Sandy Morgan
Sandy Morgan
Posted 2008-12-27 16:53
Thank you Don and William for your reply to me about using Quicken on my iMac.  I did not buy Quicken for Mac because I read too many horror stories about it.  And considering the old technology in Word in Office for Mac as compared with Word in Office XP, I just wasn't willing to risk it.
All that said, I downloaded the CrossOver program onto my iMac last night and begin to reenter my Quicken data for 2008.  I have saved it twice straight to my desktop where I hope it is being backed up hourly on my time machine.  Man so far it is working so fast and so painlessly that I am jumping-up-and-down ecstatic.  I am just thrilled.  Whomever commented on the Intuit about CodeWeavers and the CrossOver software has my most sincere thanks.  Is there anyone out there interested in a free disc of VMware (of course there is no human support for it that I could find, which is a real problem if one knows very little about how a computer works)?
Once again that you for the information and the positive comments on the website.  You won my confidence.
Steve Schow
Steve Schow
Posted 2008-12-27 17:04
I'll take your VMware if you don't want it.  
Peter Dunner
Peter Dunner
Posted 2009-01-09 08:53
I have been using Parallels with windows xp and quicken. Needless to say it is far from seamless. the reason I don't use Quicken for Mac is that the files are NOT compatible when you go from Windows to Mac-Intuit will tell  you this. You must change certain transactions to a new name, rename some things etc. Then you must to an export/import and even then the forums suggest that disaster impends and it still won't work well with your old files. I have many many years of financial data so I realized I was stuck.

I am now thinking of using CrossOver. Has anyone tried my route and then gone to CrossOver? Results? It seems too good to be true. Thank you for your input.

Peter Dunner
Caron Wills
Caron Wills
Posted 2009-01-22 14:31
We've had quite a few people switch, but it is not always very easy to get a response from them via our forums.  

I would suggest downloading the trial version of CrossOver and testing it yourself.  If you are looking for a testimony from our users, you might try emailing our sales department ( and ask if there are some specific people they can refer you to.
L. Buckingham
L. Buckingham
Posted 2009-02-08 09:08
I am trying to install Quicken 2002 on my mac and it installs fine with Crossover, however I cant get it to restore my backup files so I cant get my files into the program.  Any suggestion?

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