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temporary lockups while typing in Outlook
Posted 2009-01-30 07:36
I have Crossover for Mac 7.1.0 running on a newer Mac Pro for an install of Office XP (2002) with SP3 loaded.

Everything seems to work properly except for an annoying thing with Outlook.  When I hit new message, sometimes (most of the time) the system will "freeze up" for a few seconds while i'm typing the message.  I have to wait until it 'un-freezes' before I can continue typing.

When it does this... I can still move the mouse around to bring up my dock and click around on my top menu bar, however the cursor is hidden while I'm scrolling over the actual outlook window.  I figured maybe it was the spelling/grammar check, but even with those disabled, it still happens.

Then I thought it may be a problem with "Word as your email editor", but when I type normally in word (standalone) I don't have any problems.

Anyone else have this problem?

I noticed there's a few people that have similar issues with newer versions of office (2003/2007), but didn't mention the older XP (2002) with SP3 loaded, so I'll leave the topic for now... thanks.

Jack Phinney
Jack Phinney
Posted 2009-02-04 15:38
we haven't seen much of this with Office XP.  Did you actually try turning off "Word as your email editor"?  That can bring more stability and speed to Outlook under Crossover (even if Word, on its own, works fine).

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