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Macbook Performance - DOWII
Rich Dominelli
Rich Dominelli
Posted 2009-02-04 07:19
Looking to buy a new machine and I am leaning towards the macbook vs the pro.  Has anyone had good luck with the aluminum macbook and crossover?  Any feel for performance (hard frame rates would be great)?
If anyone has seen an article on this, the only write up I found so far used call of duty 4 I would appreciate it.

And most importantly has anyone tried Dawn of War 2 beta on crossfire yet?  I'm on a white macbook at present which has the graphics capacity of a blind chipmunk otherwise I would try myself.

Thanks for any help.

Rob Stiles
Rob Stiles
Posted 2009-02-20 07:38
I'm not having any luck with it atm.  The installer pops up asking which language.  I choose English and then I get a white screen where the menu should be.  I'm installing it on the PC atm to see how it should work and then I'll try again.
Rob Stiles
Rob Stiles
Posted 2009-02-21 07:15
I got Steam installed but had no luck with the game's installer.  I installed it on a PC and copied the files over and copied the registry entries too.  Now it knows it's installed and tries to launch it but nothing actually happens.

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