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StarUML? It's so close yet no cigar.
Paul Neve
Paul Neve
Posted 2009-02-11 07:14
Have had a look around t'interweb, and it seems that the issue here is primarily COM/OLE related. The thing doesn't run at all until you install the Microsoft XML Parser. Then it runs and all looks good until you basically try to do anything, such as add a class to a diagram and change its name from the (bizarre) Korean name default. Then you get an OLE error 80040154 and the whole application locks up requiring the bottle to be quit.

If you quit the bottle you get a dialogue box "COM Server Warning" telling you the application has open COM object. You can't actually click any of the buttons of this dialogue though, and the hang eventually results in the dialogue appearing which allows you to terminate the (Windows) process.

I am not particularly au fait with Wine but have tried bunging various native DLLs in system32, and registering them - no joy.

This can't be that far off, surely? There must be a couple of DLLs that we're missing that otherwise would get this (and it seems other Delphi programs that use OLE) running.
Andrew Balfour
Andrew Balfour Advocate
Posted 2009-02-11 12:34
If you go to Crossover Preferences and uncheck "Hide service packs and dependencies" there's more packages that you can install into a bottle, one of those might help.

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