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Getting a disk
Posted 2009-03-07 16:47
I just bought Crossover Office Professional. I was going to get a disk, because I like having a hard copy, but it was going to charge me $15 for shipping UPS Ground (the cheapest apparent option). That seems incredibly excessive. I'm pretty sure you can ship a CD or DVD by USPS for about a dollar. If there is some reason shipping has to cost that much, and I sincerely doubt there is, then Crossover shouldn't ask for $10 for the CD. An individual can get relatively small quantities made up for less than that per disk.
Andrew Balfour
Andrew Balfour Advocate
Posted 2009-03-09 14:05
Basically we don't like burning a software program to a DVD and shipping it. It seems wasteful to do all that transportation for 1 disc that has exactly the same thing on it as folks can download from their account and burn themselves. You can make as many backup copies of Crossover as you like, and there's nothing special with the burned DVD we ship you that you don't get by downloading the dmg/deb/rpm/sh file and burning it yourself. Also you can always login to your account and re-download whatever the last version of Crossover was when your support/upgrade entitlement ran out.

So for the people who absolutely must have a shipped copy of Crossover there is a fee, and we just ship UPS now for tracking and delivery confirmation reasons. When we use to use USPS we were getting too many "it never showed up" emails and we'd resend the same disc several times in the mail.

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