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"Save Command as a Launcher" seemingly not working
Posted 2015-03-24 11:29
Can anyone point me in the right direction here? I have a simple .exe file in the C drive folder, and I have to open it using CLI flags, and the command works fine. Previously I was able to "Save Command as a Launcher" but in OS X 10.10.2 using Crossover the button is unresponsive. Bug? The command is in native DOS, not referencing the .exe as it's located on Macintosh HD.
Michael Espejo
Posted 2015-12-11 03:04
I'm having the same issue. It usually work when an Opened Exe returns 0 after closing but if returns a 1 it won't. Maybe Crossover Games see some exe closing as an error return.
Posted 2015-12-22 02:46
I have this issue too.  Am trying to save a command line flag for a Windows executable so that it runs with a specific set of options on startup, but the "save command as a launcher" button doesn't appear to be working.  I'm on OSX 10.11.2.
Andrew Balfour
Andrew Balfour
Posted 2015-12-23 15:03
Clicking the Save Command as Launcher button in won't do anything if Crossover can't create the shortcut app icon in (your home folder)/Applications/CrossOver if you home directory permissions aren't correct. Check out to verify and fix your directory permissions.
Kevin Moynihan
Posted 2016-06-02 05:27
I'm having the same problem with the "save command as a launcher" it's completely unresponsive. I've gone through the link that was provided above this post and my applications folder ownership looks correct.

Can anyone else point me in the right direction as it would be very beneficial to me. thanks

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