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Bottle versions - what is the difference
Bartt Shelton
Posted 2016-07-19 15:40
I asked this question shortly after I started using CrossOver Mac, mainly because I expected the CrossTie to present me with a Win8 (or Win7) bottle, not a WinXP bottle.

I looked for my original question, but I believe I asked it a couple of years ago.  I believe the website has been overhauled since then, so maybe my original post is gone...

At the time I asked the question, I was told that the fact that the CrossTie used a WinXP bottle didn't matter.

Fast forward to present & after employing the CrossTie to install Quicken 2016 (into an XP bottle), I'm trying to apply the R8 patch.  CrossOver wants to build a new bottle, lists my existing (XP) bottle in a group that's labeled incompatible.


Whether the forum guidance that I was given earlier was right or wrong (that there isn't a difference between a WinXP bottle & a Win7 bottle), CrossOver support seems to believe that there is a difference & that the difference is substantial enough that they want a new bottle instead of installing a patch into the old (XP) bottle.

So, back to the question that I asked a couple of years ago.....

What is the difference between bottle versions?  Furthermore, why do I want to install a bottle using a Win version that's got one foot on a banana peel & one in the grave (Win7 is next on the MS deprecation list)?

i.e. Why is the CrossTie NOT written for a Win10 bottle?
Vincent Povirk
Vincent Povirk  Staff Member
Posted 2016-07-19 17:14
I checked our internal bug tracker, and it looks like the reason we install Quicken 2016 in a winxp bottle is to work around an issue where the "Credit Score" feature causes a crash. I'm not sure why the patch is marked as incompatible with Windows XP. I suspect it's a mistake, and I suggest ignoring the warning and installing in your existing bottle.

Currently, the only difference is in the registry keys that are used to determine the Windows version. This can be changed using the "Wine Configuration" control panel. There are a few places where Wine behaves differently depending on the configured versions, but most of the real differences are from programs that check the version directly.

In this case, the "Credit Score" feature crashes because Quicken attempts to use touch screen API's if it thinks it's running on Windows 7, and we don't yet have an implementation of those API's.

In general, I think we will want to start defaulting to Windows 7 bottles in the near future. It's become very common for applications to refuse to install or run on XP. The drawback is that applications will start using API's that were introduced in Windows 7, and that we can't provide yet. I'm hoping this will be less of a problem once DirectX 11 starts to work. The newer the Windows version, the more API's apps will want to use, and I think it'll be a long time before we can support enough of Windows 10 for it to make sense as a default.

Correction: The API Quicken uses is not related to touch screens. It's a file system API that was added in Windows Vista.

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