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TUTORIAL: Better Fonts
Rev. Joseph R. Kramer
Rev. Joseph R. Kramer
Posted 2016-12-01 09:42
So I decided to write a quick tutorial to get MUCH BETTER FONTS in Crossover

Skill Level: Intermediate

For Non-Retina Display / I don't know about Non-Retina Displays

1. Install App
2. Install MS Core Fonts
3. Install Droid Fonts
4. Install LUNA Theme
5. Apply LUNA Theme from Wine Configuration (must be done before step 6)
   a. This is a good time to adjust your DPI settings, if you like
6. Using the regedit command for your bottle Do the following (if you don't have a key go ahead and add a string value):
   [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes]
       "Arial Baltic,186"="Droid Sans,186"
      "Arial CE,238"="Droid Sans,238"
       "Arial CYR,204"="Droid Sans,204"
       "Arial Greek,161"="Droid Sans,161"
       "Arial TUR,162"="Droid Sans,162"
       "Courier New Baltic,186"="Droid Sans,186"
       "Courier New CE,238"="Droid Sans,238"
       "Courier New CYR,204"="Droid Sans,204"
       "Courier New Greek,161"="Droid Sans,161"
       "Courier New TUR,162"="Droid Sans,162"
       "Helv"="Droid Serif"
       "Helvetica"="Droid Sans"
       "MS Shell Dlg"="Droid Sans"
       "MS Shell Dlg 2"="Droid Sans"
       "Segoe UI"="Droid Sans"
       "Tahoma"="Droid Sans"
       "Times"="Droid Sans"
       "Times New Roman Baltic,186"="Droid Sans,186"
       "Times New Roman CE,238"="Droid Sans,238"
       "Times New Roman CYR,204"="Droid Sans,204"
       "Times New Roman Greek,161"="Droid Sans,161"
       "Times New Roman TUR,162"="Droid Sans,162"
       "Tms Rmn"="Droid Sans"

       "Arial"="Droid Sans"
       "Lucida Console"="Droid Sans"

Font Smoothing Activation
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]


Navigate to:
           A. Remove any mention of Tahoma or Tahoma Bold by changing the key value to a - (dash)
           B. Do the same for any mentions of Segoe UI

-=[Optional for Menus]=-
   1. Open Wine Configuration
   2. Click the Desktop Integration Tab
   3. Select the following from the Item drop Down Box.
       a. Active Title Text
             i. Click Fonts
               a. Droid Sans, Bold, 9pt.
               b. Menu Text
                   i. Click Fonts
                       a.Droid Sans, Bold, 9 or 10 pt.
               c. Message Box Text
                   i. Click Fonts
                                a. Droid Sans, Bold, 8 or 9pt.
               d. Tooltip Text
                   i. Click Fonts
                       a. Droid Sans, Bold, 8 or 9pt.

Not perfect but a BUNCH BETTER!

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