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Few questions, maybe already answered, but i still need to make sure
Posted 2008-05-02 01:19
Look, I have months without playing my online games cuz i dont have a windows computer anymore... And i love this game a lot... Mu Online, i was wondering if it was tested before... I am unsure of using it, and i wont buy the CrossOver untill im totally sure

This computer belongs to my father and he gets really picky when i install things on it, i was wondering i any1 could help me test this game for me. Also i have tried to convince him that this program will not run viruses from windows into mac... (Tough it sounds stupid. logically that wont happen)

Thats my other question, if i run a file with a windows virus on it, will it damage the laptop? or will it just damage the bottle where the wine batches allows the run of .exe? or will it even fail to run?

I have only seen 1 message in the tickets talking about a virus linked to Ie6, still i could not get the information i was looking for...

I have also seen people triying to install antiviruses... is this because it can get viruses? or just getting protected? Because if its like that i can use my McAffe antivirus, if its supported

I totally understood the raw explanation of the bottle, but can you explain it a more... technological, characteristic, professional and more advanced way? because my dad says that theory is lame, tough i fully understood how does it work, i need to make him get into reason and buy the software!!!
Jeremy White
Jeremy White  Staff Member
Posted 2008-05-02 08:40
Perhaps this whitepaper will help you out on viruses:

And this part of the documentation talks about bottles:


Stefan Dösinger
Stefan Dösinger  Staff Member
Posted 2008-05-02 08:57
I don't know what Mu Online is, but you can look it up on If it is not there, your best option is to download our demo and give it a try.

To answer your question about viruses: Windows applications run in CrossOver are normal MacOS processes, thus they can do the same every MacOS app can. The bottle is not a sandbox, a virus which tries to break out of the bottle has no barriers. However, in order to do so, the virus has to know about CrossOver and MacOS; Up to this point no virus doing that was found.

Even if you have a virus that breaks out of the bottle, you are still protected by the multiuser permission system found in every Unix system. A virus can only do as much as MacOS allows it to do. Basically this means that it can damage your user's account, but not your system. If you run CrossOver as a separate user, you should be pretty safe. (Of course there can be security bugs in MacOS which allow a process to gain more privileges. However, that would need a Windows virus that knows about CrossOver and exploits MacOS security bugs. I wouldn't call that a Windows virus any longer)

Any MacOS virus scanner that knows about Windows viruses should further protect you.
Posted 2008-05-02 09:04
Thanks a lot guys, excellent =D i might get this bought as gift by the end opf the month, or maybe next im downloading the demo and i will try muonline as soon as posible

Thanks for your time.

Most Sincere Regards:

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