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Blood bowl 2
Mr. Andersen
Posted 2015-09-24 12:41
Hi guys,

I'm pretty new to crossover, and I have been told that I could run all steam games on it.
I really would like to play 'Blood bowl 2' but having followed the instructions I could find on youtube, the program wont launch.
When I open the game I get a message that states that I should update my graphics driver.
Have any of you guys had any luck getting this game to work? Or do you have any idea, what might be wrong?

Thank you
Mr. Andersen
Posted 2015-09-26 08:48
For anyone else having the same problem. I talked with the developers of CrossOver and they identified the problem.
Apparently, Crossover do not support DirectX 10 yet, which is required to run blood bowl. DirectX11 will be implemented next year.
Mark Spen
Posted 2016-02-22 07:30

Has this problem been fixed?

Andrew Balfour
Andrew Balfour
Posted 2016-02-24 15:32
No, DirectX 10+ still isn't supported and available in Crossover yet.

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