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Having problem with Windows chm help file
Harry Stumpf
Harry Stumpf
Posted 2015-11-15 11:25
I have a help file with a chm extension that doesn't work properly in either a Windows XP or Windows 7 bottle.  The left pane, table of ontents, works, but the right pane, the page contents, is blank except for the page title.  Is there any setting change I have to make to get chm files working?  Thanks.
Donald Simmonds
Donald Simmonds
Posted 2016-03-06 02:49
I know this is late, but in Windows you need to right click the file, go to properties and tick UNBLOCK. Then pages will display. If on Mac I don't know where but the same must be applied.
Harry Stumpf
Harry Stumpf
Posted 2016-03-12 15:58
Thanks, Donald.  I read about unlocking a chm file in Windows but haven't figured out how to do it in CrossOver.  I haven't found a solution yet, but I plan to solve this in two steps.

First, I want to display the chm file using a Mac app, not a Windows app.  I installed CHM Reader from for this purpose.  The app works fine to display the chm file when I double click on the chm file in Finder.  But I don't know how to launch a Mac app from my Windows program running in CrossOver/Wine.  Once I get this working I'll move on to step 2.

Step two involves creating an Apple Help Book.  I'm considering using Simple Help Editor from BKeeney Software.  Once I get it running from a simple XCode application I will want to be able to launch is from my Windows program running in CrossOver/Wine, for instance, in response to pressing F1.

I would appreciate it (and so would other developers trying to port an application from Windows to OS X using CrossOver) if anyone can shed some light on how to launch a Mac app or how to launch Apple Help from a Windows program running in CrossOver/Wine.


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