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Quicken 2013 (Home & Business - Canadian) oddity
Joey Goldstein
Joey Goldstein
Posted 2016-01-17 17:10

First post here.
I'm been using the trial version of Crossover Mac for a few days now.
Impressive little app.
I've been running Quicken under VMFusion for several years now and may decide to permanently switch to Crossover because it's just so much more convenient and less system intensive.

So... I installed Quicken 2013 and every Quicken feature that I've tried so far has worked perfectly.
The only issue and it's a completely minor issue is that when I open Quicken's Preferences (Edit Menu > Preferences) the far right hand side of the Preferences window is kind of munged up.
The rh side blue border of the window seems to be squished over to the left a bit and it blocks the last character of any lines of text in the various Preference Pane windows.

Can anything be done about this using current features of Crossover?
FYI I've already tried all of the various Bottle Settings items to no avail.

Is it likely that anything will be done about this in future updates.
(FYI I got the latest update the other day which was nice because it reset my trial back to the full 14 days.
But it didn't fix this issue for me.)

I'll be posting another question here too today which is also about unexpected graphics behaviour in another Windows app I'm running.
Please check for that thread as well because the two issues might be related.



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