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Graphics issue with Unlisted Application
Joey Goldstein
Joey Goldstein
Posted 2016-01-17 17:46

I'm evaluating the trial version of CrossOver Mac at the moment. (OS 10.11.2)
I have a Windows app from a defunct company whose product and Windows editing software for the product is no longer supported.
It's a software editor for a midi guitar synth system called the Terratec Axon 100.
I have the last Windows installer that Terratec made available before they went under, circa 2011 I think.

Everything installed perfectly into CrossOver Mac (latest version) and the app runs on my system (including MIDI I/O) although it seems a little bit buggy and not so stable at times.
FYI CrossOver automatically selected an XP Bottle when I did the install.
Still, it works, and outside of running this editor on a virtualisation app like Fusion (which I also own) I'd be SOL because the Mac version of this editor won't run under current Mac OS versions.

So here's the one obvious issue I can see:

On one of the editor's pages there is a graphics oriented data entry area consisting of 6 virtual vertical sliders (like a 6-band graphic eq) with a virtual handle on the top each slider and 6 numeric-entry mini-windows at the bottom of each slider.
FWIW Each slider represents a sensitivity for each of the 6 guitar strings.
The sensitivity values for each slider can normally be changed by one of 2 ways:
1. Drag the slider's virtual handle up or down.
2. Enter the value directly, using Arabic numerals in the little mini-windows on the bottom.
#1 is normally the preferred way to work.
But... The virtual handles can only be seen when the mouse is dragging the handle to its topmost position and the value of each slider is at maximum.
As soon as I release the mouse the handles disappear.
Normally, the six handles form a sort of a visual graph where I can see the relative sensitivities of each string.
Since these handles are not visible under CrossOver I have to rely solely on the numeric values at the bottom of each slider.

It's only a minor hassle, but it would be nice if it wasn't happening.
When I run the same app under VMWare Fusion the handles are visible.

I've already tried all of the Bottle > Settings graphics items and combinations of items and none of them seem to help.
I've tried installing the app into all of the other Bottle types that CrossOver offers also but to no avail.

Is there anything else that CrossOver is capable of doing to fix this that I should try?

Is this the type of thing that's likely to get better in later updates of CrossOver?
The latest update from a couple of days ago didn't do anything for this issue.
But it did reset my trial back to the full 14 days which is nice. 😊

Any input appreciated.


Joey Goldstein
Joey Goldstein
Posted 2016-01-20 14:03
Seems pretty quiet around this forum.

Do any people from CodeWeavers check in here and answer user's questions from time to time?

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