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Mitchell OnDemand5
Posted 2009-05-04 22:55
I have Mitchell OnDemand5, its a windows program which is a auto repair library of sorts.
I got the base program to install. However when I got to install the repair data, you have to insert a floppy with the license on it.
I have a USB floppy drive plugged in and it is recognized by Leopard.
However Crossover cannot see it per say. The installer cannot see the floppy disk with the license on it so it will not let me install it.
Is there a way around this?
The program itself runs great, I just cannot install the data.
Andrew Balfour
Andrew Balfour  Staff Member
Posted 2009-05-07 13:17
You could try using disk utility to make a disk image of it and mount that, see if the app accepts it.
Tony Harris Chief Senior Advocate
Posted 2009-05-10 01:06
The only flaw I can see with making an image, if I recall correctly - depending on which program you're trying to activate; I think at least one of the disks are marked with "bad sectors".  I work for a school and had to do an install of OD5 on some workstations, and I remember the nightmare of backing up the disk (the comps there in automotive tend to get abused, by both students and environment ;) ).  Unfortunately, I think it was the repair disk that was like that (OD5 truck wasn't)

Now - here is a thought - if you haven't already tried it - since OSX can see the drive, and I assume open the disk, go into:

Manage Bottles

On the bottle for OD5, click Control Panel
Launch the winecfg
Goto the drives tab, and try to add the drive.  You will probably need to show the advanced to make sure you force it to look like a floppy.  Now, the fun part is the drive letter - we've moved to internet access for Mitchell, so I don't remember how finicky the local install was with regard to what drive had to be associated with - if it needs to be seen as A: or B: that may be an issue as I don't know how to force wine to recognize a drive letter A or B if its not in the drive list (as it seems to only list c-z)

But, take a look at the config and see if you can get Mitchell to use the disk from another drive mapping...
Posted 2009-05-15 17:19
I have forced it to look like a floppy, but it still is not detected by OD5.
I think it may have to do something to do with the drive letter.

I am not sure if there is a way to manually copy the licensing data to a folder so OD5 can see it as being already installed or what?

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