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Witcher 3 Successfully Installed- but unable to use Mods

Hi All- I easily installed Witcher 3 through Steam on my new MB Pro 14" (M1 Pro). Runs great so far and using Xbox series X controller no problem. I used the steps on Code Weavers website to install.

I would really like to install some mods but I have not been successful. I tried just putting a Mods folder in the same directory as the game save files and also in the Crossover directory. Maybe I don't have the right directory? I also have tried to install Vortex the Mod manager into the same bottle but it doesn't seem to run, or I can't run it.

Any have any luck with Mods? Any advice? thank you!

You need to put a folder called...
mods your ~/Documents/The Witcher 3 folder.

The mods folder has to be spelled and capitalized exactly like that for any plugins you drop into that folder to be recognized by the game when it's running.


I've created the folder "Documents/The Witcher 3/mods" and placed a mod file folder in it. It has not worked with two different well known mods. The documents folder is saved in iCloud but I don't think that matters because the game save files are there too. I could turn off iCloud and save it to my home folder but I don't know if that will change anything and will be a real pain going forward for me.

I don't know where else to look. Im' going through the bottle files now

This answer could be help you to understand the problem...;msg=252279#c2

Howard, I don't play this game but there are a lot of reasons the mods you just dropped into the ~/Documents/The Witcher 3/mods folder aren't working. Some common reasons mods don't work for similar games:
–The mod includes files which need to be installed in such a way as to replace files which were installed and are used by the game. Those files would be inside your Crossover bottle, not in your ~/Documents/The Witcher 3 folder.
–The folder you dropped into the mods folder is an enclosing folder and you need to pull out whatever's in it and place THOSE into your mods folder.
–You didn't download a mod, you downloaded a patch for a mod and that means you only have a small subset of files needed for that mod to work. The full mod needs to be installed first, then the patch files installed to add to or replace existing files in the base mod.
–You downloaded a version of the mod designed to be installed by an executable mod manager, i.e. a third-party application; not designed for manual installation.

I might be able to figure out the problem and possibly come up with a solution if you tell me the mods you are trying to install instead of remaining mysterious with vague details such as, "...two different well known mods." Also, I strongly suggest disabling iCloud sync for your ~/Documents folder while trying to get this to work. It shouldn't cause a problem but I can imagine how it might so let's eliminate that as a possible source of trouble.

You need to put the mods inside the games’s base install folder inside the bottle, not where the save games are in your documents folder. For the steam version, it should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\
Create a mods folder there and copy the files into it.

To get to the C drive, the fastest way is to “right-click” on the bottle in crossover and open C: Drive from the menu.

I don’t use the Steam version. I installed using GOG’s GOTY offline installation and got some mods working. Full details with some screenshots on my blog here.

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