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M1 MacBook Pro 16 and Steam Bottle

Hi there! Quick question: I just installed crossover and Steam on my M1 16 MBP. It put steam in a windows 7 64bit bottle. Will it be an issue that it is not in a windows 10 64bit bottle? Is there a way to change it to a windows 10 64bit bottle without having to re download steam and all the games I have already downloaded? I am about to download the large file that is The Witcher 3 on steam and want to make sure I won't have to do it again if windows 7 bottle is not the right one.

Thanks for any guidance.

I am currently using the same bottle as you on my '21 MBP M1 Max 32-core and have a ton of games on there and have had zero issues with the Windows 7 bottle.

Thanks for the fast reply. Do you think there is a benefit to using the Windows 10 bottle over the windows 7?

I have honestly ran into a few issues using the Windows 10 bottle with some games/apps. I have noticed most of the apps/games run better/well enough on the Windows 7 bottle. You can always go into Wine Configuration later and switch apps to a different version of Windows.

I've actually experienced the opposite effect. Stuff would run in a Win10 bottle, but break in a Win7 bottle. ;)

From what I've heard here from CrossOver staff, Win10 is not fully implemented yet, so the Win10 bottles are actually more of a superset of Win7 bottles, so Win7 bottles should theoretically work fine.

Anyhow, you can absolutely verify this for yourself, you just need to go to the location where CrossOver saves its bottles and move the Steam folder from there to your new test bottle.

/Users/YOURUSER/Library/Application\ Support/CrossOver/Bottles
is where the bottles for CrossOver are stored. You need to replace "YOURUSER" with... your user folder name.

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