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I am SO disappointed!!!

SO... I recently paid to upgrade to the latest version. When I did it completely broke my ability to print. Support does not seem to be able to help nor do they even seem to care. After all, they have my money right??? I am the technical manager for a software developer and we would be forced out of business if we responded to our customers like this. I am just so shocked!! I have been using this product for years and it is too bad they are willing to loose me as a customer over one incident.



We are currently working diligently to develop a fix for the printing issue that you and other users have been experiencing, however we do not want to push out a fix before we've tested it to make sure it doesn't further destroy any other applications. If it has not been previously mentioned on other forums regarding this issue - it seems that users who do a clean install of crossover + their apps (i.e. completely remove all traces of crossover, the bottles, etc, then re-install, which we realize is a pain) do not report this issue. This print issue seems to only affect customers who have upgraded on top of existing crossover installs.

I promise you that we do, indeed, care, however - if you are extremely dissatisfied beyond our ability to make amends, you can feel free to request a refund. We do not believe in taking customers' money and then leaving them high and dry.


As I stated in my support ticket... I tried that option. It does eliminate the error but causes all the fonts to be messed up and print in a pile. THIS is exactly my issue! I am getting nowhere here! I provided this information once and now again! If you can give me a reasonable ETA on a fix that is REAL then I will accept that otherwise I just want a refund. It is a shame I had to spend $80 on another product to get my work done because of what YOU broke!


Hi Joe,

We will be pushing out an official fix to the printer issue in an update to Crossover slated for no more than two weeks from now.

If you'd still like a refund, please file a ticket in the Store queue in our support section.


Hi Joe,

Just wanted to reply here in case you are somehow missing our tickets. I take complaints
very seriously, and while I have to accept that Wine, and therefore CrossOver is imperfect,
I refuse to accept any flaws in our work with customers.

I've reviewed your support ticket, and this is what I found:
4 hours to first response, with a concrete suggestion
2 hours to respond to your second query
37 minutes to respond to your third query, with an alternate suggestion,
said suggestion coming from the CEO of the company
< 1 day between the point you replied with new information, as the problem
had changed, and the point where you went ballistic.

I also see clear evidence that Jack, independent of the 2 other people working
on your issue for you, did his level best to help you here in the forum.

Again, I am not sure what speed of response you were looking for, or what gave you
the sense that no one here cared. I'm very sorry that you got that impression.

But, to be very honest, I am very pleased with and proud of our support team here;
I think they responded quickly and well.

So the honest truth is that this is the very best we can do, and if it does
not meet your standard, you really should turn to alternate solutions.


Jeremy White

I'm curious Joe of how you would feel about your customers throwing your company under the bus on a public forum after you attempted to work with them to resolve an issue. I have no direct affiliation with Codeweavers nor do I have any inside knowledge of the situation but I can't help but articulate my surprise in your posting of this thread. Most companies would have treated a thread like this as the spam it is and deleted it right off the bat. It was posted after all in violation of the third bullet point of the General Forum fine print.

I personally think it says a lot about Codeweavers that this one has not only been preserved but has also received thorough follow-up with further attempt to solve your issue and a factual recount of the previous documented efforts leveraged towards your printing problems.

Furthermore, a more careful detail of the issues would probably benefit everyone involved. From what I've read about this the problem is exclusive to windows apps installed through Crossover after upgrading. Your statement "completely broke my ability to print" is a little misleading and as such I'm not surprised it took the Codeweavers team several communications to pinpoint your problem with such poor descriptive skills. Sad when emotions get in the way of clarity as it certainly impedes progress.

Good luck to you.

Satisfied Crossover User

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