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Game with three .iso files - how to make it work?
Posted 2015-04-26 03:19
Hello, can anyone help? I'm trying to run a Windows game that's on three different .iso files. CrossOver installs the game from the first .iso file (CD 1) fine but once I reach a certain point inside the game it requests you insert the second .iso file (CD 2) and I'm stuck. Is it possible to make CrossOver (or the game) to recognize the other two .iso files?
Andrew Balfour
Andrew Balfour
Posted 2015-04-29 13:21
Best thing I've found is created a folder on your Mac and copy the contents of each iso into that folder, then use the setup.exe installer in that folder to install the game. Gets rid of disc swapping issues and often gets the game installed.
Posted 2015-04-30 17:20
Thanks, this is an interesting tip. It didn't occur to me. However, this game's CDs' contents look a bit tricky for copying. All have autorun files and many files share the name. I copied all unique files but the game still keeps asking for CD 2. Well, maybe this game's not going to work anyway. Earlier I managed to "insert" CD 2 while playing (through Wine Configuration, which caused quite a mess with screen resolution as side effect) but the game itself seems to have a bug and I always got stuck at a certain point. It's Nightlong - Union City Conspiracy. But thank you for this tip, I'm sure it works with some other applications.

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