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Testing installation of our program
Ove Halseth
Posted 2015-04-28 08:28

We have a small windowsprogram that we will test on Mac with the use of Crossover.
The installer is a small delphi program that copies files and register a few dll's and creates a desktop shortcut.

The program runs fine with Crossover. (with winebottler, we had to register the dll each time we wanted to run our program)
But Crossover does not get that our installer creates a desktop shortcut, so we would have to create a shortcut to our exe manually.

We "install" a desktop shortcut by using the first answer to this stackoverflow question:

Do you have any recommended way of creating a shortcut so that Crossover recognizes it?

Best regards
Ove Halseth
Silviu Cojocaru
Silviu Cojocaru Omniscient Mystical Exalted Nigh-invincible Supreme Raging Atomic Dragon Turbo Chief Senior Advocate, Rank 8
Posted 2015-04-28 09:06
You're expecting the Mac OS X desktop to behave like the Windows desktop. That's not the case. Applications don't get desktop shortcuts by default on Mac OS X.

For those of us that create crosstie files there's even a short mention on this page:


Note that the '%Desktop%' designation will not work on Mac, only Linux. LnkFiles instructing the creation of %Desktop% links will be ignored when executed on a Mac.

If your installer creates shortcuts in the start menu it should be enough.
Josh DuBois
Josh DuBois  Staff Member
Posted 2015-04-28 09:11
Ove Halseth Posted:

Do you have any recommended way of creating a shortcut so that Crossover recognizes it?

Ove Halseth

I'm not clear on precisely what you want to have happen that is not happening, but I think that if you can run your installer through the CrossOver Software Installer (as opposed to running it in CrossOver outside the installer), that CrossOver may detect creation of the .lnk file you want and translate that into a launcher which will appear both in your Finder and also in the CrossOver main menu.

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