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windows cmd prompt: bcdedit/set increaseuserva
Posted 2015-05-15 10:01
i wanted to run a game called planetside 2, it works flawlessly but crashes every 20 minutes
i found out that it is large address aware, used a program which fixed this kind of crashing for other game.
made planetside2.exe allow 2 gb addresses but it still crashes, then i found that in command prompt you need to write bcdedit/set increaseuserva 3072
when i opened cmd.exe in crossover and wrote that, cmd said that this program is not internal or external nor batch-script.
what should i do?
is there a way to use this command?
Thank you
Stefan Dösinger
Stefan Dösinger  Staff Member
Posted 2015-05-17 14:19
This thing won't do anything on CrossOver. It command line sets a Windows kernel parameter in the Windows bootloader. You are using neither of them when you use Linux or OSX.

The equivalent Linux setting is the kernel VM split in the kernel option. It defaults to 3GB / 1GB by default, which is the equivalent of what you're trying to set here. OSX has a 4GB / 4GB memsplit.

On a 64 bit system you don't have to worry about this at all. 32 bit User space programs always can use the full 4 GB address space because the hardware pointer is much bigger (64 bit) and the kernel can just put itself somewhere > 4 GB.
Posted 2015-05-17 22:21
i know that mac is 64bit and crossover 32bit, you say i don't need to use this command but all games i played on crossover crashed because they were only allowed to 2 gb out of 8gb. i used the cuff explorer to allow more than 2 gb addresses, this worked for one game but the other still crashes, what do i need to do?

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