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Razer Naga MMO Mouse
Posted 2015-07-17 13:10
I have recently installed Start Wars The Old Republic in CrossOver and it seems ok (with some crashes once a while)

However my biggest issue thus far is that the Mouse I have Razer Naga Epic MMO with 12 buttons on the side does not seem to register Shift-1 clicks.  So if I press the 1 button on the mouse it works OK but if I am trying to press Shift 1 it does not register.

Now I do not think this is strictly a CrossOver issue, its a Mac issue as I had this happen before on WOW in native Mac and the fix was to enter this line:

defaults write com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft disable-expose-fix -bool YES

I tried altering this for cross over but with no luck.

Please help,

Thank you
Stefan Dösinger
Stefan Dösinger  Staff Member
Posted 2015-07-22 04:01
I don't have this mouse, so all I can offer are some wild guesses. In the past we had problems with Razer and Logitech mouse software injecting itself into other OSX processes. This used to lead to crashes, which have been fixed a few years ago. But it's possible that instead of crashing the software now simply doesn't do anything :-\ .

Do the mouse buttons work in native OSX apps without any Razer software?

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