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Windows 10 'do not upscale on high dpi monitors' - is there a way to achieve a similair effect on Mac?
Posted 2015-08-19 08:11
Hi All, I use both systems Mac and PC, and Windows 10 introduced a feature for programs that are not created for high DPI screens where you can simply click properties of the shortcut to the program, and select 'do not upscale on high DPI monitors'. This way a program that was blurry on a 2560x1440 screen is all sharp again.

I have retina Macbook Pro and when I run some programs they all appear blurry. This issue is not exlusive to CrossOver, there are still a lot of apps that look blurry, and someone even created a small app that helps address it ( ) but it obviously only works with Mac software. As it turns out even native Mac apps had a similar issue and you could work around it by unticking the box in the properties of the program 'Open in low resolution' (as explained here: ). So all seems to be in place on both platforms. Is there a way to achieve a similar result with Win apps loaded via Crossover on retina displays? Would resetting the DPI in Crossover help to address this in any way and if so, how to achieve this? (I found info on how to resent it here but not how to access the panel...)
Caron Wills
Caron Wills
Posted 2015-08-19 11:11
We are working on a similar solution for Windows applications and CrossOver 15. We're very aware that the visual quality of applications on retina displays is not as beautiful as we would like.
Posted 2015-08-19 14:08
NICE! Well... I guess one thing to ask then is... any indication when the next Crossover is due? 😉
Caron Wills
Caron Wills
Posted 2015-08-19 14:58
...Later this year, with any luck.

Our current goal is to add support for Office 2013. If you've seen our recent forum posts, there has been significant progress on that goal but there's still so much left to do.

When Office 2013 becomes reasonably functional, we will begin a beta cycle. That takes about a month and a half. Then, release!
Posted 2015-08-20 04:59
Fantastic news! Thank you! Although I'm completely not interested with Office (I have the Mac version that just came out) I can understand there are some who prefer to use their Win version so will wait patiently for the next iteration of your software 😊 Hopefully with the 'retina ready' solution present. Good luck! 😊

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